Zoho Recruit: a trending leader in talent acquisition technology

Nucleus Technology value matrix 2022Zoho Recruit has been shortlisted as a leader in the talent acquisition software space for the third year in a row. Nucleus Research published their Talent Acquisition Technology Value Matrix 2022 this October, and Zoho Recruit has acquired the trending arrow as a leader for delivering what it promises.

Talent acquisition value matrix 2022

Nucleus Research is a trusted organization that uses an ROI investigative approach to help people invest in the right technology. Their research delivers an objective review of technology to help users understand which products deliver real value. 

Their Technology Value Matrix provides a framework of relative positioning of various leading vendors in each sector to help customers choose the products that will be most suitable to their requirements.

Research manager Evelyn McMullen has noted that, “despite news of hiring freezes, layoffs, and general uncertainty over the past 18 months, talent acquisition remains a key initiative for organizations. Leaders in the space have worked to meet these needs, investing in in-demand capabilities, such as recruitment marketing, skill matching, and candidate engagement.”

Below is a peek into how Zoho Recruit facilitates recruitment marketing, skill matching, and candidate engagement.

Exercise a strong recruitment marketing strategy 

Recruitment marketing is crucial to attract the right candidates and ensure that they have the right image of the company. Zoho Recruit helps you establish this by:  

  • Helping you build a career site that displays your vision, mission, values, and culture.

  • Integrating with 300+ job boards so you can directly publish your jobs with a single click.

  • Helping you capitalize on social recruiting by linking your socials directly to the product.

  • Facilitating employee referrals.

  • Integrating with Zoho Campaigns to sync contacts, send mass emails, and track their responses.

  • Providing analytics and metrics to help you measure strategy effectiveness.

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 Find the “perfect match”  with Zia 

Besides helping you match candidates to the right job, Zia also ranks those candidates based on how closely their profile matches with the job requirements. Zia understands candidates as humans, not as a string of keywords, and helps you with a graded list of “perfect matches” by analyzing candidate experiences, skills, and proficiencies.

 See how Zia works

Engage candidates seamlessly 

It is important that every candidate who steps into your hiring process leaves with a good impression of the company. Zoho Recruit makes this easier by:  

  • Optimizing the recruitment process with consolidated candidate profiles.

  • Helping you track candidate progress in the recruitment funnel.

  • Allowing you to shortlist and assess candidates professionally from anywhere in the world with pre-screening assessments and video interviews.

  • Providing a candidate portal where they can update their application details, upload files, mark their skillsets, communicate with your team, and book interviews right from Recruit’s mobile-friendly portal.

  • Avoiding the “candidate black hole” with built-in communication tools and automated emails and messages.

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Looking ahead 

The feedback and ideas from our customers and partners have been a vital part of Zoho Recruit’s growth, and we hope to continue evolving the product to meet the latest technological demands in the talent acquisition space. If you haven’t had a chance to explore Zoho Recruit, sign up for the free trial here.


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