ZoomRx seeks an integrated, automated hiring platform with Zoho Recruit

In our latest interview with ZoomRx, a leading pharmaceutical consulting firm in Chennai, we were joined by Talent Acquisition Specialists Mridul and Lenehaa, and Assistant Manager Varsha. As we talk to their team, we learned about how their journey started, their discovery of Zoho Recruit, and how our Applicant Tracking Software helps them hire the best talent every time.

Shravan: So to start off the interview, tell me a bit about you and your company.

Mridul: I’m a Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, and I help various departments in ZoomRx, including the Tech, Community, and Data Science teams. We’re a pharmaceutical consulting company based out of Chennai. Apart from doing market research for pharmaceutical companies, we also do data analysis for leading life science firms.

Shravan: Great. Being a Talent Acquisition Specialist, could you tell us a little more about how recruiting was before Zoho Recruit?  

Mridul: We were a pretty small team when we started the company in 2009. Everything we did in the past involved a lot of manual work and spreadsheets–be it storing candidate records, sending out calendar invites, or just searching through data.

Lenehaa: I handle the BA and Community team here in ZoomRx. Before Zoho Recruit came into the picture, we used to have separate excel sheets for different teams, and we’d update data whenever a referral came in or a profile was sourced online. When our teams got larger and we started to scale as a company, that’s when we actually realized we needed a more tightly integrated system in place.

Shravan: How were you convinced of the need for recruitment software from Zoho?

Lenehaa: As HR Managers, we’re not only responsible for taking on new employees. We are also busy building and adopting new HR processes. We could see that Zoho Recruit was that solution we’d been looking for. We are a five-person recruitment team where three of us are here in Chennai and two others work from the US office. With Zoho Recruit’s plentiful options, we could get the US team invested as well. And aside from all that, we’ve always liked the way Zoho functions.

Shravan: My next question is for you, Varsha. Being the Assistant Manager of ZoomRx, you oversee all organizational changes to the company. In what ways did Zoho Recruit stand out from the competition? 

Varsha: So this is something interesting to talk about. Before we decided on Zoho, we did a lot of research and tried other recruitment softwares on the market, too. As Leniha mentioned, several rounds of discussion went on between the three of us here and two others in the US.

Zoho Recruit had answers to most of the problems we face every day. Other systems were very rigid. The most compelling point about Zoho Recruit was the ease of use and convenient customization. Since we’re an evolving company, we would eventually scale up. We wanted a system that could scale with us.

Shravan: After you purchased the product, how long did implementation take? 

Varsha: It took almost two months to configure all our workflows in Zoho Recruit. Irthifa and Udaya helped us set up roles and other functions in the system.

Shravan: Do you have any favorite features? Ones that you use every day?

Mridul: Yes, there are a couple features that I absolutely love using. One is the Hiring Pipeline because I can see the number of profiles submitted to the hiring manager, the number of profiles that are in the queue, and more. The next is Automation Rules, which we implement for candidate interview cases.

Varsha: Adding to Mridhul’s point, I also have a few features in mind that I want to point out. It’s convenient that any communication with a candidate is done from a single place, and I also like the way resumes are parsed in the system.

Shravan: Awesome, it was great talking to all of you. Thanks much for sharing your experience with us.

Check out ZoomRx at https://zoomrx.com/

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