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It seems no matter where you venture on the internet, chatbots are there waiting to welcome you, answer your questions, and make customer experience more enjoyable. Turns out, this isn’t just our imagination. It is believed that all call centres are expected to have front-end chatbots by 2020.

Just because everyone else is using a chatbot doesn’t mean their potential for your organisation is clear. A lot of businesses do not fully understand how they can use a chatbot to maximise customer engagement, so let’s take a look at how you can use and benefit from chatbots right away.

Zobot for Prospect Engagement & Customer Support

Offering a Great Experience

Nothing is absolutely perfect. However, anything can be made to ‘feel’ perfect. The trick lies in the experience. Chatbots are no exception to this. But what would you need to build this perfect experience?

Decide what matters

Getting the most out of chatbots doesn’t mean going overboard right away. Companies try to do a lot with chatbots, blindly following the promises they’re sold with, but is that all necessary? Definitely not.

Bombarding bots everywhere can actually have a negative effect. We recommend selective usage of chatbots across your digital assets, and at touch-points where it can deliver a big impact so that users don’t get burnt out or turned off.

But how do you decide on those selective touch-points? Too much jargon can be involved to answer this question. The bottom-line is, it all depends on what your business needs.

  •  Do you spend a lot of time answering routine questions from customers?
  •  Is your website so rich and extensive that users get lost or face difficulty to quickly find what they want?
  •  What if someone could qualify a prospect/lead for me with some basic questions before I decide to get on a call?

That someone could be a chatbot, which can help you scale up customer support and prospect engagement however you wish.

If you’re an existing chatbot user, all of this may sound familiar. But you might still wonder: ‘Can a chatbot do every thing I want to (or) Is there any platform which I can use to build a bot, entirely my way?’ The answer for both is Zobot.

This chatbot builder is deeply programmable in a literal sense. If you are proficient in software coding, this will be a platform you’ll love. ‘What if i’m alien to programming, still want to build bots? Sure! you can’. Our pre-built templates are right there for you, to jigsaw with.

What’s even more powerful with Zobot is its ability to integrate with any third-party application – name whatever you can. These integrations are more effective and powerful than what other chatbot platforms could do.

The key strengths of Zobot are highlighted as follows:

  • Deeply programmable to achieve near-human capabilities
  • Secure integration with any cloud-based application
  • Works in tandem with other bot platforms like Zia, Google Dialogflow, IBM Watson, etc
  • Functional across multiple platforms
  • Supports a wide range of input formats
  • Easy handover to human operators

Can’t wait to give Zobot a try? Get started right here.


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