Combine live chat and WhatsApp for superior customer service

WhatsApp integration with website live chat software

Being the most widely used instant messaging app with over 2 billion active users worldwide, it's no surprise that WhatsApp has revolutionized how businesses communicate with customers. It's quickly becoming a key tool in the customer communication toolbox.

Using WhatsApp for customer support makes your business more approachable since it's a platform your prospects and customers already use. Still, it also comes with hassles like a huge influx of chat requests, the possibility of missing out on chats, the difficulty of sharing your WhatsApp Business account with your team, and the inability to record lead details. Integrating your WhatsApp Business account with a live chat platform like Zoho SalesIQ helps you assist your prospects and customers on WhatsApp without any of these problems arising.

WhatsApp integration with website live chat software

Benefits of integrating WhatsApp Business with live chat software 

Assist customers on their favorite instant messaging (IM) app

Gone are the days when customers reached out for support via email for every issue. It's now mostly reserved for problems the support team needs time to debug. At the same time, website live chat needs the customer to revisit the website and check for responses from customer support.

But that's not a problem with WhatsApp, the primary IM app everyone uses nowadays. Your customers likely open WhatsApp multiple times a day. So using WhatsApp for customer service is like being on your customers' contact list!

Never miss a chat

With WhatsApp for customer service, the hassles of sharing the account amongst your support team and the possibility of missing out on messages arise. Zoho SalesIQ solved this with our WhatsApp live chat integration. When you connect your WhatsApp Business account with SalesIQ, you get notified every time someone messages you on WhatsApp. All your incoming messages fall right into your SalesIQ inbox, where you can easily track them and respond.

Automate your WhatsApp customer support with chatbots

Using WhatsApp for customer service means preparing for a rush of prospect and customer inquiries. Immediately scaling your customer support team to accommodate this wouldn't be practical or financially feasible. With SalesIQ's WhatsApp Business live chat integration, you can deploy a custom chatbot for WhatsApp to handle first-level chats while you focus on more complex ones that require your attention. Building a chatbot for WhatsApp is easier than ever with SalesIQ's codeless chatbot builder and ready-to-use AI-driven Answer Bot, which understands common customer queries and answers them using your resource library. You can even take it up a notch by plugging the two together to build a hybrid bot.

Direct incoming WhatsApp messages to the right agents

Ensure your customers are connected to the agent best suited to assist them every time they contact your business. Set up smart chat routing rules to automatically assign chats to the right agent, like the last agent who assisted the customer or the contact owner in CRM, if available.

Reduce response time with our time-savers

Live chat agents have a busy workday, and we've done our bit to help them through it. WhatsApp integration with website live chat software, like SalesIQ, helps you save responses to commonly used queries and use them in chats in just a click. SalesIQ also automatically suggests intelligent answers to customer queries from your internal knowledge base.

Offload some of your tasks to our OpenAI-powered features

You no longer need to spend time proofreading your messages or constructing the right response! SalesIQ's writing assistant, powered by OpenAI, can revise your messages, fixing any typos or mistakes; rephrase them; expand them; and shorten them into crisp and concise sentences. With the OpenAI integration, SalesIQ also provides a conversation summary on demand once a chat ends.

Organize chats with relevant tags for later reference

Finding a conversation you need to refer to or follow up on later is nearly impossible when you receive a large number of messages on a platform like WhatsApp with no features to organize. With SalesIQ, you can add tags to chats and easily find them at a later point. With the OpenAI integration, tags can also be generated automatically once a chat is closed.

A sneak peek into what's cooking 

Improving customer communication and engagement has been our objective at SalesIQ from inception, so we haven't stopped with the capabilities mentioned above. Here's a gist of what we're working on now.

Easy approachability is just one of the many benefits customers expect from WhatsApp customer support. In the near future, SalesIQ will help you create a product catalog or even link your existing product/service catalog on WhatsApp so customers can reach out to you about the product or service they need help with, and your team has the necessary context to help them. You can also route incoming messages to departments so any agent from that department can take them up. We're also working on supporting multiple WhatsApp business accounts in a single SalesIQ portal.

How do you connect WhatsApp with your live chat software?

Ready to streamline your WhatsApp customer support? Check out our user guide to learn how to integrate your WhatsApp account with SalesIQ.

Looking to provide support on other instant messaging channels like Facebook, Instagram, or Telegram? We support these as well!


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