Accelerate revenue with the Zoho Sign extension for Freshsales CRM

Moving between multiple apps to close a deal can be tiresome, and it's a source of aggravation for salespeople worldwide. Once they finally make the sale, they're on the move again—but instead of an app-to-app, they're going from person to person to get that signature on the dotted line.

Even though CRM software has made sales processes and customer relationship management easier, the real problem of getting business contracts signed persisted. Fortunately, getting signatures on partnership agreements, invoices, and quotes online is made simple with a digital signature app. It reduces overall document turnaround time significantly, especially when documents are signed across borders. This is a good start, but to reap greater benefits, it is recommended to integrate your CRM software with a digital signature solution.

Zoho Sign is a robust digital signature app that integrates with all popular CRM solutions, including Zoho CRM, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and VTiger. We're now excited to unveil our integration with Freshsales, a CRM tool designed specifically for sales teams.

Why the Zoho Sign and Freshsales extension?

The Zoho Sign extension is easy to install, free, and has advanced features like templates and, blockchain timestamping. You can also use this extension to collect signatures and payments instantly from your clients. This accelerates revenue generation multi-fold and saves time, making Zoho Sign the best digital signature solution to integrate with your CRM.

Hassle-free signing process
With the Zoho Sign extension, you can send documents for customers to sign directly from your CRM software. Plus, avoid the multiple back-and-forths by automating your signing process.

Track your progress
The one tedious task in agreement management is tracking the status of your deals. You can track your document status in real-time and get notifications at each step.

Legally valid across borders
When it comes to business paperwork, legal acceptance can be tricky. This is especially true when you're closing deals in different countries. Zoho Sign is in strict compliance with international e-sign laws and region-specific regulations.
Read about digital signature legality in your region

Secure beyond doubt
Zoho Sign offers guaranteed security for your documents with AES encryption at rest and SSL in transit. With privacy and security as our top priorities, Zoho Sign enables businesses to sign documents confidently. The confidentiality of your documents and agreements will never be compromised.

Save time with templates
Save frequently used documents and agreements as templates for quick access.

Get started
Businesses that use the Freshsales suite can use this feature if they have the Enterprise edition of Zoho Sign.Install the Zoho Sign extension from the Freshworks marketplace
Check out our detailed help documentation to get started.

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Happy signing!


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