Introducing Zoho Writer's new ChatGPT extension

Harness the power of AI to elevate your writing and enhance your productivity.

ChatGPT for Zoho Writer

Ever since ChatGPT made generative AI universally accessible, we have been overwhelmed with requests to integrate it with Zoho Writer. Nothing excites us more than fulfilling our users' requests. So, we got down to work. Now, we're happy to unveil the ChatGPT extension for Zoho Writer.

With this integration, no matter what you write—a blog post, product description, social media post, or an email—you can ensure that your content is compelling, accurate, organized, and neatly formatted.

We've pre-installed this extension in Writer to make it easier for you. So, what are you waiting for? Try this extension and unleash your inner writer!

What is Zoho Writer's ChatGPT extension, and why should you try it?

Seamlessly integrates with ChatGPT so you can chat with the bot and use its responses to enhance your content.

ChatGPT in Zoho Writer

Want to learn more about what you can do with this extension? Read on!

1. Interact with the ChatGPT bot as you write

This extension brings the ChatGPT bot to the Zoho Writer editor, so you can use them both from a single window. Summon ChatGPT whenever you need assistance—without moving away from Zoho Writer.

Interact with ChatGPT

2. Access pre-built bot prompts

There's no need to craft your own messages to request assistance from ChatGPT. Simply select a prompt from the built-in list and let the bot take it from there.

Generate Tweet

Generate Tweet





Need more prompts? Let us know in the comments or at

3. Add ChatGPT responses to your Writer document with just a click

Interact with the ChatGPT bot and transfer its responses to your Zoho Writer document with a single click. No more switching tabs. No more copying responses from the ChatGPT window and pasting them in Writer.

Further, with Writer's real-time collaboration capability, you and your team can edit the ChatGPT responses you've added to your document, and even get the final version reviewed/approved by your editors or managers with the built-in workflow.

4. Enhance your writing

Use ChatGPT along with Writer's very own smart writing assistant, Zia, to make your writing more impactful and concise. For example, get your content's readability score from Zia, and if needed, use ChatGPT to rephrase your sentences so they're easier to read.

5. Experience comprehensive security

The contents of your Zoho Writer documents will be completely secure and won't be shared with ChatGPT. Only the content that you type into the extension will be relayed to the ChatGPT bot—nothing more.

How to get this extension?

The ChatGPT extension is pre-installed in Writer. You can find it in the Extensions tab in the left panel. Refer to this guide for the steps to use the extension.

Take the extension for a spin and let us know your thoughts and feedback in the comments. You can also write to us at

We'll be back soon with another exciting update from Zoho Writer.

Until then,

Happy writing!


37 Replies to Introducing Zoho Writer's new ChatGPT extension

    1. Hi Melessa Lawson! Excited to know that you like this extension. We'll add this to Recruit as well soon. Stay tuned. Thanks!

  1. Getting the error code 429 (You've exceeded your current maximum limit. (Error code 429) Learn more.) But when i enter their URL directly it is working. Please check as it seems a lot of users are getting the same error. I have not used my account at all for the past 2 months, and working directly in their website.

  2. Looking forward to see this in the CRM and the tool learning delgue script. Definitely welcome this new integration for the future of Ai.

    1. Hi Jahmone, We are working on updates specific to CRM and other Zoho products. We'll announce them soon. Stay tuned!! Thanks

  3. Please tell me that Chat GPT will not have access to our documents in order to further teach it. I'm not a fan of AI and won't be installing the extension, but I want to make sure they will not have access to my own creative writing. A lot of authors are leery of this. If Chat GPT will have access to our documents, how do I opt out?

    1. Hi Samantha Cole, ChatGPT will not have access to your documents. The contents of your documents will be completely secure and won't be exposed to the bot. Only the content that you type into the extension will be relayed to the ChatGPT bot—nothing more. Thanks!

    1. Hi Ahtisham Ali, Good to know that you liked this extension. This one is more focused on the use-cases specific to Zoho Writer; we'll more prompts in the upcoming updates. Also, we are working on updates specific to CRM and other Zoho products. We'll announce them soon. Stay tuned!!

      1. Will the CRM integration include the ability to auto reply Using email after a specified amount of time? For example, In sales using an email template that is set to reply for a non-response after 3 to 4 days, etc. this is a feature we discussed a few years ago before chat GPT to help in the sales process using Zoho CRM.

  4. Usage quota exceeded You've exceeded your current maximum limit. (Error code 429) Learn more. I did not only use it once... how come already a limit?

  5. I have a browser extention that accesses a current 2023 data set. Will that browser extension work if I use zoho writer in the browser?

  6. I think it's so great that we can use Zoho Writer with Chat GPT, also I was wondering if Zoho is working to make an integration for chat GPT with Zoho Cliq?? That would be amazing, I hope so !

    1. Hi Szymon Kucharaski, We're sorry you're having trouble accessing this extension. We can confirm though that it is available across all regions, including the EU. We will contact you to check and resolve this.

  7. It really is an amazing tool. I save time and I can access useful information instantly. Technology is awesome! I will definitely use it. Thanks so much for sharing.

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