Introducing Zoho Sign's integration with Integromat

Zoho Sign integrates with Integromat

The unprecedented global COVID-19 situation has cut off several physical links in the way businesses operate and has forced them to go entirely remote. As a result, millions of organizations, both big and small, have adopted a multitude of digital applications and online tools to keep their wheels running.

Zoho Sign, Zoho's digital signature application, helps businesses collaborate and collect signatures on documents and manage the signed paperwork entirely online in a secure and convenient manner. However, given the present circumstances, we understand that there is a lot more to conducting business than just moving paperwork remotely. Therefore, we are also actively expanding the list of integrations supported by Zoho Sign to help businesses connect it with the other tools and software they use to run and monitor their operations.

On that note, we are happy to announce that Zoho Sign is now available for use on Integromat, an advanced online platform that offers the functions of workflow automation software! This will help you connect Zoho Sign with 350+ other popular and powerful web applications by building business workflows that can automatically generate smart documents, collect signatures, track and manage your documents in real time, and much more.

This integration helps you combine the advantages of using electronic signatures, especially in times such as this, with the added benefits of automation by removing manual intervention in other business engagements that precede or follow the paperwork in your operations cycle. As a complete iPaaS solution, Integromat enables you to automatically set up payments, generate invoices, update your CRM records, send follow-up emails, assign tasks to your agents, and more with the help of customized scenarios built around e-sign workflows connecting your digital apps. Thus, this can vastly reduce not only your paper clutter and administrative costs but also the manual labor hours spent on others tasks, thereby boosting productivity.

What's a Scenario?

A scenario is a workflow created on Integromat that automatically monitors one of your apps for changes or events and/or carries out one or more actions in the same app or other apps you use. Scenarios are built by adding and connecting blocks known as modules that help transfer data between apps. For example, imagine setting up an integration that monitors the status of documents on Zoho Sign and creates a new deal in your CRM when a document is signed.

To start building scenarios connecting your favorite apps to Zoho Sign, you simply need to add one of Zoho Sign's offered modules in your scenario editor screen and create an authorized connection between your Integromat and Zoho Sign accounts.

Integromat Scenario Example

What's a module?

A module is a smaller block that represents an individual function or task carried out in the chosen app. For example, fetching the list of documents sent for signatures using Zoho Sign. Scenarios are built by adding one or more modules in a series and configuring how the data is transferred and the operation is performed.

Modules themselves can be categorized further into different types, of which Zoho Sign presently only supports trigger and action modules.

What's a trigger?

A trigger is a conditional module that actively monitors your app for a specific event. When that event occurs, the trigger generates a bundle of data to be passed on to the next module in the scenario. Zoho Sign offers seven trigger modules on Integromat for interactions that take place with your documents: signed, completed, declined, recalled, expired, viewed, and re-assigned. You may use these to execute follow-up actions in your other apps when these events take place in Zoho Sign.

What's an action?

An action is a functional module that executes a specific task in your app, either on its own or using the data passed on to it by a preceding module. Action modules also generate a bundle of data upon successfully executing their task that can be passed on to the next module in the scenario. Zoho Sign presently offers one action module on Integromat which performs a customized API call to a specific endpoint in the Zoho Sign app.

Do I need to learn coding to use Zoho Sign with Integromat?

Absolutely not! This integration simply requires you to build scenarios by choosing the applications you want to connect with Zoho Sign, adding the necessary modules, and configuring the flow of data, all done in just a few clicks and drag-and-drops. Once a scenario is set up, successfully tested, and enabled, all the associated tasks will be automatically taken care of by Integromat and you can divert your attention to other important business activities.

Where do I start?

This integration is readily available for all Zoho Sign users. Just visit our integration page on the Integromat website and take a look at some of our pre-made scenarios to get inspired and start using it. For more assistance, visit our help documentation.

Zoho Sign scenarios available on Integromat

So don't wait! Explore this integration today and build scenarios with your favorite applications to automate your routine signing tasks. And, of course, let us know how it helps you transform the way you do business.

For alternate workflow automation options, feel free to check out Zoho Sign's integration with Zoho Flow and Zapier.

If you're not already a Zoho Sign customer, you can head over to and sign up for a free 14-day enterprise trial. For feedback, queries, and personalized demo requests, write to us at support(at)zohosign(dot)com.

Happy Signing!


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