Streamlining paperwork with Zoho Sign for Google applications

The widespread recent adoption of social distancing measures has necessitated several tech companies, including us at Zoho, ramp up services and strengthen apps with remote working capabilities. This supports businesses reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic, preventing them from being immobilized further, and enables them to re-organize themselves and collaborate remotely over the internet.

Yet, conducting business—remotely or not—hinges on a substantial amount of paperwork being carried out, which can currently be a huge hurdle to organizations that follow the conventional pen-and-paper approach. A lot of manual effort across teams and departments may be required to get paperwork drafted, printed, signed, processed, and audited for a business to run its operations, which puts them in a precarious situation. Therefore, this is an opportune moment for businesses to go paperless by switching to a complete digital signature application like Zoho Sign, which can help digitize paperwork in a hassle-free, legal, and secure manner while reducing costs and turnaround time by up to 90%.

It's no surprise, however, that when it comes to online business software, Google and its suite of applications are as ubiquitous and massive as things can get. With over two billion users collectively, a vast majority of the internet users and millions of businesses rely on Google products for their day-to-day activities. As a Google Cloud partner, Zoho has, over the years, built a plethora of integrations between the Zoho and Google software ecosystems to help our users manage their data. You can now add to that long list Zoho Sign's integrations with popular Google products such as G Suite, Google Drive, and Gmail, each of which are reported to have over a billion active users themselves.

Zoho Sign offers the convenience of initiating workflows and e-signing your business paperwork across these products from individual apps while storing all your documents in one place—regardless of where they originate—in a secure and organized manner for consolidated access and management. This can transform the way your company does paperwork, improve collaboration, and increase productivity immensely.

You can install these Zoho Sign integrations from the G Suite Marketplace and explore the various functionalities they offer, which are listed as follows.

Single sign-on: By installing the Zoho Sign G Suite app, you can log in to Zoho with your Google account. This avoids the hassle of having to remember multiple passwords and separately signing in with your Zoho credentials to access Zoho Sign.

Add G Suite users: The app lets you invite users from your G Suite organization to Zoho Sign. Once they accept the invitation, you can assign them roles and manage their access.

Sign and send documents for signatures from Google Drive: The app also installs an add-on that allows you to electronically sign Google docs and other documents in your storage—or send them out for signatures—directly from Google Drive using the Open with option. A copy of the signed documents will be automatically saved back to your storage in a folder named ZohoSignDocuments.

In addition, the Zoho Sign web application itself features a Cloud Picker tool that lets you import documents from Google Drive when setting up sign workflows and export the signed documents back to a specific folder in your storage. Furthermore, there is also an option to set up automatic backing up of your signed Zoho Sign documents to Google Drive in your account settings.

Launch Zoho Sign from the Apps launcher: The G Suite app adds Zoho Sign to your Google apps, thus allowing you to launch it in a separate browser tab from the Apps launcher when using any application made by Google.

Sign and send documents for signatures from Gmail: Our newly released add-on for Gmail allows you to digitally sign email attachments or set up esignature workflows to send them out for signatures to your contacts and others directly from your Gmail inbox.

Irrespective of how you access Zoho Sign and sign or send documents for signatures, you can manage them all centrally and track their status from the Documents tab in your Zoho Sign dashboard.

So, go ahead and use these integrations and let us know how they help you. If you have not used Zoho Sign yet, head over to and sign up for a free 14-day enterprise trial. For feedback, assistance, and demo requests, write to us at support(at)zohosign(dot)com.

Happy Signing!


2 Replies to Streamlining paperwork with Zoho Sign for Google applications

  1. I am trying to find a way to automate the "send for zohosign" feature in Zoho recruit. So that candidates who have a status update to, for example "application complete" will be automatically sent the appropriate documents to sign. Once signed this will update the candidate record. Im struggling to find way- is this possible?

    1. Hello Dan, Yes, of course this is possible. You would have to make use of the 'Workflow Rules' feature in Zoho Recruit to build a conditional workflow that triggers the necessary documents using Zoho Sign to the particular candidate. To achieve this completely, you would need to make use of custom functions written in Deluge that calls the necessary Zoho Sign API to send the documents out. For further help on this, you can write to" rel="nofollow ugc">support(at)zohosign(dot)com and we'll respond with appropriate assistance. Cheers. Sai

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