The Epic way to manage your work

Let's say you're a web development company diversifying into app development. One of your customers, whose website you just finished designing, is now seeking a mobile app. This means all your user stories, tasks, and bugs now have to meet the acceptance criteria for both web and mobile. As your business expands into different portfolios, it becomes indispensable to plan and track all your work items in one place.

The good news is, you no longer have to deal with cluttered, overpopulated backlogs. Your teams don't have to force fit their work into a single sprint. We are delighted to announce that you can plan and track your work in a more structured way using Epics in Zoho Sprints.

What is an Epic?

An Epic is a collection of user stories, tasks, or bugs that spans across multiple sprints. Managing your work using Epics means breaking down all your work items and grouping them under a common theme or problem statement. If you anticipate your work to take a couple of iterations to complete, then classify it as an Epic.

What's so epic about Epics?

The flexible structure of Epics allows you to respond and adapt to the changing requirements with ease. Add or associate work items to an Epic, propel them to your active or upcoming sprints, create multiple Epics with labels, and groom the composition of your Backlog.

When customer requirements increase and work begins to expand, retaining the context in a single dashboard is a more practical solution than switching between multiple tabs. With the Epic Progress Chart, measure the progress of your work against the total number of estimation points and the total number of work items.

Importing from JIRA 

In other news, we'd also like to announce that you can now import projects that you created in JIRA. Zoho Sprints is an alternative to JIRA that allows you to manage your projects, without feeling bogged down by too many processes and tools. Learn how to migrate all your projects from JIRA to Zoho Sprints here.

We are committed to working in iterations and delivering valuable enhancements to Zoho Sprints that will help you in your agile journey. In the meantime, start shaping your Epics and let us know your feedback in the comments below.

P.S We will analyze and discuss your feedback in our retrospective.


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