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Zoho ContactManager teams up with Google Apps

We know how you feel. You start a business with a single system for all your contacts, preferably Google Contacts. You watch your business prosper,...

Zoho ContactManager 3 min read

How Dave manages all his contacts like a symphony

It was around noon, on a normal workday, and Dave was at his desk as usual, designing a floor plan for his new client, while...

Zoho ContactManager 2 min read

The all new ContactManager takes the cake!

You enter your favorite café. You are greeted with the same familiar warm smile! “The usual?” you are asked. You smile in agreement, and get...

Zoho ContactManager 2 min read

Have you found the right contact management tool yet?

Can you use an ​axe to prune roses, or a hacksaw to chop veggies? They may get the job done, but is either of them...

Zoho ContactManager 2 min read

Announcing Zoho Sync: Push Mail And Mobile Sync Service

We made a new year resolution to keep our services in tune with the ever evolving world, especially with respect to the rapidly growing smartphone...

General , Zoho Mail , Zoho Mobile 2 min read

Google Calendar/Contacts Sync for Zoho CRM Individual users

Our Google Apps users have been thrilled with the Google Calendar and Contacts sync with Zoho CRM! This excitement has also trickled down to other Zoho CRM...

Zoho for Google Apps 1 min read

Zoho Recruit: Now with Improved Access Permissions and Data Migration

Here’s a couple of enhancements from Zoho Recruit. Access Permissions to view Client and Client Contact details The relationship between Recruiters and Clients is the...

General , Zoho Recruit 1 min read

Freedom to move your data whenever and wherever you need to – Support for Import and Export in Zoho Invoice

Now you have complete flexibility and freedom to move your data in and out of Zoho Invoice at your will.  Yes, we are happy to...

Zoho Invoice 1 min read