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Introducing : Timetracking for your bugs

A typical work day of a team member in a software development team : You’re a team member in charge of a performance module and...

Zoho BugTracker 2 min read

10 Reasons Why Tracking Time Matters

‘Time tracking is such a waste of time!’ I’ve often heard people say that. Honestly, if you are a freelancer, you’ll know that time accounting...

Zoho Invoice 3 min read

Importing data from Blinksale to Zoho Invoice

We have been getting quite a few requests from our customers as to how they can import data from their Blinksale account to Zoho Invoice. ...

Zoho Invoice 2 min read

Importing/exporting contacts from/to your mail clients (Address Book) – Announcing support for vCards in Zoho Invoice

Now it is easy for you to move your contacts between Zoho Invoice and your mail clients (address books) like Microsoft Outlook, Mac Address Book,...

General , Zoho Invoice 2 min read

Freedom to move your data whenever and wherever you need to – Support for Import and Export in Zoho Invoice

Now you have complete flexibility and freedom to move your data in and out of Zoho Invoice at your will.  Yes, we are happy to...

Zoho Invoice 1 min read

Sending your first invoice – Video

Reading documents is a pain, watching and learning is easy and fun. Yes, we understand this. That is why we have come up with a...

General , Zoho Invoice 1 min read

Attach purchase order, expense receipts and other supporting documents with your invoices

We are happy to announce the support for attaching documents while sending your invoices. Now you can attach your purchase order (PO), expense receipts and...

General , Zoho Invoice 1 min read

Zoho Invoice integrates with Zoho CRM

Continuing the Zoho Apps integration series, we are pleased to announce the integration between Zoho Invoice and Zoho CRM. Users can now use the customer...

General , Zoho CRM , Zoho Invoice 2 min read

Specifying Tax or VAT ID in Invoices

One of the most important feature requests in Zoho Invoice has been the ability to specify the Tax or VAT ID in the invoices that...

General , Zoho Invoice 2 min read