Food, Water, Shelter...Password Manager!

Password managers are becoming indispensable; Whoever you are, whatever you do, password managers can make your job simpler!


Rich or poor, educated or illiterate, everyone needs a warm meal to relish, clean water to drink and a roof over their heads. These are conventional necessities of life, without which survival becomes a struggle. Beyond the basic necessities, human beings crave for safety and security.

In this hi-tech era, of all the security needs, information security has emerged as the most important need. Everyone now requires a safe, secure place to store all their login credentials, passcodes, and other peculiar series of letters and symbols that criminal minds are so intent to lay their hands on. With our real and virtual IT assets growing every instant, password management is becoming an essential security measure every individual needs to follow to keep cyber-criminals at bay.

Proliferation of online applications & password management

With the rapid rise of e-commerce, online transactions, social media and cloud platforms, proliferation of passwords has become unavoidable. Passwords now occupy so many aspects of our lives that all of us have multiple web accounts to keep track of. And, we tend to use the same password on all accounts or alternate two or three passwords. This is where information security goes for a toss. Because, once hackers gain access to any one of your accounts in one of the sites, your other accounts will be next in line to get compromised.

To overcome the single point of failure, password management best practices suggest that we should use unique, strong passwords for every website and application and supply it ONLY on that site/app. When there is a news of password expose or hacks, you can change the password for that site/app alone. In addition, the best practices call for frequently changing the passwords on sites and applications.

So, how do you keep track of so many accounts while not losing your head? The only way out is using a password manager. Whoever you are, whatever you do, password managers can make your job simpler and take a huge load off your mind allowing you to be more productive.

Whether you are a layman or a web professional or a business owner or the head of IT or a service provider, password managers play an integral role in securing your online identities. Here’s how:

More security for everyday internet users

For those of you who use social media, banking and online purchase sites on a regular basis, coming up with a unique password for each site can be a colossal chore. This leads users to take the comfortable-yet-risky way out: using simple, predictable passwords. Password managers can save you from this risky endeavor by generating strong, unique passwords. Just remember the master password, password managers can remember everything else.

Productivity gains for web professionals

If you are a web professional logging into hundreds of websites each day, think of all the time you spend logging in, wondering failed logins and thinking over forgotten passwords. Password managers help you save time by automatically populating the user names and passwords whenever you visit your favorite websites, thus speeding up your login process while eliminating typos.

Centralized management, visibility on access for businesses

Managing hundreds of passwords, certificate files, license files and security codes could be a cumbersome task for organizations. Password managers can help you store and organize all your sensitive data in a secure, centralized vault. With well-defined ownership for passwords and secure ways to share common passwords among team members, password managers provide the much needed visibility on ‘who’ has access to ‘what’ passwords in your organization.

Helping service providers build customer trust

If you are a Managed Service Provider (MSP) handling customer data and resources, you are required not just to ensure data integrity, but also demonstrate to your clients that critical data (such as passwords) is being securely handled. Password managers help you centrally manage client data with robust segregation, access controls and reporting.

Password manager for information security

With passwords occupying so many aspects of our digital lives, getting a password manager is not a choice anymore. It’s a necessity. It’s time to stop drowning in a pile of passwords. If you are wondering, which password manager to use, take a look at Zoho Vault. Trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide, Zoho Vault comes with an easy-to-use interface, flexible enough to be accessed from a computer, mobile or tablet device and offers a free edition too. Try Zoho Vault, now!

Zoho Vault – Online Password Manager for Teams


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