A quick look at getting started with WorkDrive

In an organization, people need to share and collaborate on content—documents, presentations, photos, videos, you name it—to get work done. With today’s reality of remote work, almost every business is highly reliant on the cloud, and they’re often on the lookout for the best app or tool to manage their data.

WorkDrive is a cloud storage, file sync, and content collaboration platform that helps businesses organize their teams and streamline data across their company. In this practical guide, you’ll learn how to get started with WorkDrive.

Simplifying data management

Most organizations comprise multiple teams that need their own space to house their members and work together. WorkDrive's Team Folder is that shared space where you can add users from your company, assign permissions based on their roles, and collaborate in real time.

You no longer have to waste time sharing documents with each member. Any files in a Team Folder are immediately available to the folder's users. You can create multiple Team Folders based on teams, campaigns, or events, and add team members to work together.

Learn more about Team Folders

Accelerate content creation

The next step is to add files to your workspace. You can create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations right within WorkDrive using our built-in office suite, Zoho Writer, Sheet, and Show. You can also upload files from your computer or instantly import them from other cloud services.

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Work across teams

You may often have to work with members from another team on a particular spreadsheet or presentation. With WorkDrive, you can share files and even entire folders with the different levels of access permissions and work with them directly.

Collaborate with partners and stakeholders

Many organizations need to work with external stakeholders to improve their business. In cases like these, you can share files safely using secure external share links. Generate password-protected links, set expiration dates, label them for easy reference, and track them separately.

See how sharing within WorkDrive works

Get notified at the right time

Your team shouldn't miss important updates or edits to your corporate files, and with WorkDrive's automatic notifications, you won't. Contextual  Unread Notifications and the Global or Bell Notifications keep you updated on everything relevant.

The Global or Bell Notifications will notify you of any relevant team level activities and Unread Notifications will help you stay updated on all files that have been added or modified in the Team Folder since your last visit.

Read how WorkDrive provides efficient, non-disruptive notifications to help you keep track of what's happening in your team.

Sync data across your devices

Mirror your WorkDrive documents to your desktop and access them locally using the TrueSync app. Work on your files online and save them back to the cloud without using up your device's hard drive space.

When you're traveling or working from a new location, you can work offline from anywhere, at any time. You can view and work on your downloaded files from any device, and the changes you make will be automatically synced once you are back online.

TrueSync: Your true syncing companion

What you can do as an admin

Keep track of the storage used and closely monitor your team and their files with WorkDrive's comprehensive admin dashboard. Transfer ownership of files from private folders of employees who are leaving and recover lost files to ensure important information is never lost.

Control where you want your files to be shared and if you want users to access files internally or externally. Set who can create Private or Public Team Folders on your team. Generate custom activity reports for audit trails, allow or restrict device access, and even remotely wipe data from lost or stolen devices.

Explore everything a WorkDrive admin can do

Where to learn more about WorkDrive

Do you consider yourself a beginner when it comes to using the cloud for your business? In that case, you can check out some of our help articles to get up to speed.

More support from WorkDrive  

Get immediate answers to your questions using our contact forms, phone, email, or chat support. You can also share your questions and files with our support team directly from your WorkDrive account.

Though WorkDrive delivers the biggest advantage to Business users, it offers plenty of advantages for Personal users and small businesses as well. Whether you’re primarily concerned with storage and accessibility or want to focus on sharing and collaboration, WorkDrive offers multiple benefits you’ll love.


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