Introducing Data Templates in WorkDrive: Build an organized data library for your business

Data has become a highly sought after and monetized asset for businesses today. It is the driving force for every strategy built and decision made. Most organizations are continuously working towards creating a data-focused environment, so that they can leverage information to make better decisions, accelerate innovation, and enhance customer experience.

However, 90% of data generated by businesses today is unstructured. Though there is still much information contained within unstructured data, most organizations find it challenging to harness it. For companies to have access to this knowledge, they have to ensure their data is organized in such a way that information is readily available and understandable for everyone.

To achieve this, a simple file storage solution won't cut it. You need a comprehensive data management platform that not only helps you organize data but also leverages the knowledge associated with it.

In other words, you need WorkDrive! With WorkDrive's Data Templates, you can easily classify and organize your data to drive actionable insights.

Create custom templates

Build Data Templates and add custom fields as meta-data based on how you want to classify your documents. Associate templates to files and structure your storage according to your business needs.

Accelerate data discovery

Add meaningful classifications to files and folders to bring out the hidden data within your documents. This way you can you use this knowledge to search, filter, and track information to capture valuable insights.

Here're a few examples on how different teams and industries can use Data Templates to organize their storage and improve data accessibility:

Marketing: Organize your digital assets efficiently and build a unified brand value. Associate templates to email campaigns, social media messages, and other marketing collaterals to build a resource library for your teams.

Human Resources: Finding the right talent for every opening is now a lot easier. Streamline your recruitment process by grouping resumes based on designation, employment experience, preferred location, and more.

Healthcare: Doctors can look for patient records, scan reports, and refer to prescriptions  to get a complete overview of the patient's medical history before they start their treatment.

Insurance: Classifying insurance policies based on clients and the validity period will help teams quickly identify which policies are going to expire and work towards renewing them.

Real estate: Agents can organize properties based on location, budget, property size, and more. This way, they can easily find properties for a specific client based on his or her requirements.

Data is everywhere! It's important for each company to ensure the right information is available to their teams at all times so they can make informed decisions. Take control of your information: unlock the true potential of your organization's unstructured and unanalyzed data with Zoho WorkDrive's Data Templates.

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