ProTips: Five effective tactics to boost sales performance

5 effective tactics to Boost Sales Performance

This is a guest post by David Cacik, the Head of Marketing at CloudTalk

Selling might not be rocket science, but with so many tools and techniques available, trying to use them all effectively is likely to give you a headache. If you are struggling to choose the best methods to boost your sales, here are 5 effective sales strategies to leverage.

 #1 Focus on lead qualification and lead scoring to increase your lead-to-customer conversions. 

Pay more attention to lead qualification by outlining your sales funnel and building an ideal customer profile based on the characteristics of your target audience. Then, add lead scoring into the equation to automate your lead qualification. Fifty percent of sales time is said to be wasted on unproductive prospecting. Even though you constantly need new leads to continue selling, not every person you contact is going to become your customer anyway. To ensure that you’re choosing the right leads to focus on, pay attention to your sales prospecting methods, and the way you qualify your leads.  

Benefit: Save time by prioritizing the prospects which are most likely to convert. Significantly reduce the time wasted on unproductive prospecting. Once you are at it, you might want to focus on connecting with the decision-makers in the first place.

#2 Make it easier for your sales reps to connect with prospects quickly.

Make contact with your prospects as soon as possible. Potential customers seem to be more willing to do business with you if you answer their initial inquiry almost immediately. The more you make them wait, the less interested they are. CloudTalk's single-click functionality, for instance, enables your sales reps to connect with prospects immediately just by clicking on their phone number within Zoho CRM.

Benefit: Significantly improve your chances of connecting with a lead and getting a prompt response from them. Sales reps who connect with leads within an hour of receiving a query are 7x more likely to have meaningful conversations than those who wait longer. Sales professionals are even one hundred times more likely to successfully contact a lead if they respond within 5 minutes and 21x more likely to qualify that lead.

#3 Turn sales queries into personalized sales by leveraging context.

It's well known that having an expertly crafted sales script handy is important for sales teams. However, you need to think beyond canned responses and scripted, robotic conversations, otherwise your prospects will think that you don't understand their unique needs. With a cloud-based phone system such as CloudTalk integrated with Zoho CRM, sales agents can not only make and receive more calls, but also access caller data right in Zoho CRM without switching apps to deliver personalized experiences to prospects and customers on every call.

Benefit: Enable your agents to have meaningful conversations with prospects and customers, so your customers know your team recognizes and understands their concerns. Deliver more personalized and seamless customer experience and faster call resolution.

#4 Try to leverage more channels than calls and emails. 

Cold calling and emailing are still effective, but trying different channels can simply help you reach more prospects in the long run. Take social selling as an example. It might still seem like a buzzword, but it is actually quite an effective strategy. 54% of salespeople can track closed deals back to social media engagement. Not to mention that 90% of top-performing sellers use social media in their sales strategy. It might be high time for your sales reps to do the same.

Benefit:Prospect more efficiently and improve revenue potential by discovering, connecting, and building relationships with leads and prospects before you make a sales pitch.

 #5 To increase rep productivity, automate administrative tasks such as data entry and call logging.

Let your sales reps spend more time on deals, not data entries. With telephony extensions such as CloudTalk integration for Zoho CRM you can automatically log inbound and outbound calls, voicemails, and missed calls with all details like call duration, caller name, and timestamp.

Benefit: Eliminate errors, save time, and improve team productivity by automating administrative tasks such as manual data entry and call logging. Enable your sales team to handle more calls by reducing the average handling time.

Whether you are leading the sales team or aspiring to become a sales superhero, with the right tactics and tools you can boost your sales performance.

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