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Do more with the latest Zoho Writer.

Many of you would want to make multiple docs of the same variety, like say business letters, memos, resumes etc. This is where Zoho Writer’s Templates come to your rescue. Create the different templates you want with Zoho Writer (you can use some of the readymade templates from this page) & easily generate docs based on the templates.

Ever wondered how to link to your seminal docs placed online from your blogs & other sites? Zoho Writer’s Doc Rolling feature now offers you an easy way to do just that. Make & maintain docs & link them up easily by just placing the auto-generated Zoho Writer html code links.

And here’s the one I love most – versioning of the documents you created with Zoho Writer! Zoho Writer not only keeps different versions of the same document online but now allows you to see the difference between any two versions of a document.

Try Zoho Writer now & watch out for more goodies.




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