Even more ways to communicate: Zoho Assist now has voice and video chat

Are you among the 74% of people who breathe easier with a support person on the phone? If you are, you surely aren’t on the wrong side. Even though it’s clear that your support personnel wouldn’t have enough ammunition to tackle complex technical issues on a dial, there is no doubt about the much-needed impetus your remote support sessions get when a remote customer is on the phone. Unfortunately, the rise in overhead costs and the hassle of handling a phone call or opening video calling apps during a remote session will make troubleshooting difficult, and makes remote support unsustainable on a tight budget. These concerns were big enough reasons for us come up with the voice and video chat feature in Zoho Assist.

Zoho Assist now has the complete communication kit, with voice and video chat in addition to the existing text chat. Remote support technicians can start a voice or video chat while working on their troubleshooting or demo sessions in Zoho Assist. So, here’s how voice and video chat could be the extra boost that elevates your experience.

A clear-cut understanding of your customer’s issue.

You deal with a lot of customers, and not all of them are comfortable with text chat. Rather than giving yourself a headache trying to decipher the issue with little input, you can ask them for a voice or video chat during your troubleshooting session.

Troubleshoot faster with voice and video chat.

Being on a phone call, live chat, and a remote session while troubleshooting requires tricky multitasking for an IT technician. But with Zoho Assist, you can call up your customer right from the console, removing the roadblocks caused by switching applications.

Building rapport with your customer. 

Having a personal connection with customers you frequently contact helps you to understand their needs faster. Speaking to them or seeing them on a video call bridges communication barriers and helps you build a relationship with the customer faster, increasing customer satisfaction and faster issue resolution.

Trespass extension numbers and weak mobile networks.

Speaking to customers by tirelessly dialing extension numbers or calling customers on weak mobile networks is difficult, and definitely not something you want to do in the middle of a remote support session. The voice and video call feature allows you to skip that hassle by offering the service right from the technician console.

Do it all from your browser.

Switching between a video calling app and a remote support software wouldn’t help you or your customer. With voice and video call, technicians can work during a session and speak to their customer directly from one single application or from their browser.

Easy on your expenses.

In the process of supporting customers around the world, you’ll be spending a major chunk of your support budget on phone tariffs or paying for video calling apps. The voice and video chat features keep your organization’s support budget in check, increasing your overall revenue.

Make your demos more intuitive.

Learning is always better if you can see your teacher! By video chatting with your customer from Zoho Assist, you can improve the quality of demo sessions by making them more intuitive.

We hope the voice and video chat feature will add an extra dimension to your support experience. Please leave a line below, we’d love to know what you think.


6 Replies to Even more ways to communicate: Zoho Assist now has voice and video chat

    1. Hi Radwa, Once you connect to a remote device, you can open the chat option from your console and find the audio/video chat at the right top corner.

    1. Hi Felipe, We are happy to know that you liked working with Zoho Assist. Please stay tuned for more features.

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