The much-awaited video conferencing integration with Zoom is now available.

At Zoho Bookings, we're always working on ways to make it simpler to connect with your customers. A good appointment scheduler makes scheduling meetings easier not only for you but for your customers as well. That's why we had Zoho Meetings integrated from the beginning. However, we want to give customers more options. One such solution that was recently checked off our list is the Zoom Meetings integration.

Before we get into the details, let's talk about Zoho Bookings.

Zoho Bookings is an appointment scheduling software that lets your customers self-schedule an appointment with ease and eliminates the need for back and forth emails/calls. It's like an automated receptionist that takes care of sending email/SMS reminders to customers, syncs your meetings with your connected calendars, and lets you focus on scaling your business.

Zoom With Bookings Now!

The Zoom integration for Zoho Bookings provides you with great benefits. Here's what you get:

Automate tasks

- Auto-generate Zoom Meeting URLs for every appointment booked.

- Update meetings when a customer cancels or reschedules an appointment.

- Send meeting details to customers and staff.

- Send meeting confirmation and reminders over email and SMS.

Increase Efficiency

- Add meeting details to connected calendars

- Access scheduled meetings from the Zoom Meetings dashboard.

The Zoom integration is available in all our pricing plans including the forever free plan.

We're zooming our efforts with other feature updates and integrations that ease the scheduling process and offer immense benefits. We're looking forward to unveiling them soon.

Try Zoho Bookings today and easily meet with your customers on Zoom Meetings.

Start your 15-day free trial now!

Already using Zoho Bookings? Follow these steps to enable the Zoom integration:

Step 1: Integrate Zoom Meetings

1. Click the Settings icon on your Zoho Bookings account > Integrations > Video Conferencing > Enable Zoom Meetings.

2. In the pop-up that appears, click Accept.

 Step 2: Enable online meetings for your services

1. Click Settings > Services and select a service.

2. Turn the Create Online Meeting toggle on.

Here's a detailed step-by-step guide to enable the Zoom integration.

 Would you like us to work on any particular feature or add another video conferencing integration? Drop a comment on this post and we'll add it to our bucket list!



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