Now, use Zoho Calendar through iCal

It's here! Zoho Calendar's CalDAV sync is now available for iOS and OSX. If you have an iPhone/iPad, you can now view and manage your events right through iCal, instead of accessing Zoho Calendar via the Zoho Mail app. MacBook users, too, can use iCal to access Zoho Calendar. What’s more, you can use the Calendar even when you’re offline, and later, once you have an internet connection, the events will be synced.

With this sync, you can create an event in Zoho Calendar, add location and description, and invite attendees all through your iCal. You can also set reminders and even accept invites on iCal.

calendar_blogApart from the ease of access, syncing your calendars can give you a better sense of your schedule as it shows your work events—scheduled on Zoho Calendar—along with all others marked on your iCal.

Thunderbird-Lightning users can also configure the CalDAV sync for Zoho Calendar. This will allow them to view and manage events through Thunderbird-Lightning, even when they are offline—the events will be synced once there’s an internet connection.

As of now, the CalDAV sync is available for all the calendars listed under the 'My Calendars' section only. We will soon be extending it to cover the 'Group Calendars' as well.

Here’s how to configure CalDAV sync for your Apple devices.

Thunderbird-Lightning users can click here for instructions to configure the sync.

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50 Replies to Now, use Zoho Calendar through iCal

  1. I don't understand how this is supposed to work? Trying to use Zoho CRM/Caldav integration. Events booked in the CRM show up on, but don't sync to Thunderbird, or Iphone sync'd to the main calendar VIA Caldav. Events on the iphone sync to the main calendar, but are not visible in the CRM. No method to sync the CRM to the actual main calendar, the "sync" button only appears to overlay the CRM information on top of the main calendar. What's the point of a CRM calendar if it doesn't sync to your desktop/phone platform, and vice versa?! This doesn't make any sense (tried across android/mac, multiple users, same results). Is it because we're testing on the free CRM, not paid, if so, why is this limitation not spelled out?

  2. This was said in above message in July 2015: We will soon be extending it to cover the ‘Group Calendars’ as well. Its now May 2017, any news on the ETA of this 'really want to have' feature?

  3. After inviting other users via calendar on mac, I am unable to see in calendar when they have accepted the invite. I only get an email notification.

  4. Hi, since I changed my password on Zoho, Ical and iPhone seem to have issues verifying the new password. It always say "Unable to verify account name or password" even though I am writing it properly. Cannot Sync since then...

  5. Hello I am having trouble with Ical and iPhone. I can't connect, and therefore, my calendar is outdated and can't invite guests from the app from the mac and from the iPhone. The events are also disappearing. Server is ok, but sometimes it says "cannot connect to server". Things changed since I changed my password last week. Can't seem to make it work now.

  6. Hi, I'm having a problem with Fantastical, there is this error: Fantastical encountered an error while communicating with the server. Error: Request failed with status code 403. Is there a way I can solve it?

  7. For some reason I am not able create new events anymore using iCal. Three seconds right after creating a new event, the event just disapears without any error. I can still delete and edit events, just not create new ones. Any idea? Thanks.

  8. I have been waiting for this for ages. Thanks! And it works great apart from one thing I discovered. When I invite participants to join a meeting via iCal it sent out perfectly well the invitation to my ymail account (test).... However, I never received my test invitation on my gmail account. Why is that? Thanks. Alexandre

    1. Hello Alexandre, If you have configured your gmail account as your secondary email id (, we consider it as an organizer and don't send email to it. Please try sending it to a different gmail account and see if it works. Thanks.

  9. I input the server, username and password as the tutorial said, but it cannot be verified in both iphone and macbook, do you know the reason?

  10. I am really looking forward to CalDav support on the group calendars. Is there a way for me to receive a notification from you as soon as that feature is implemented? Thank you!

  11. Hi. Does Zoho Calendar sync with Blackberry 10 devices? I have tried both CalDAV and Microsoft ActiveSync, and still cannot get a Blackberry device to sync. Sync works great with iCal under El Capitan, but just not with Blackberry. Any ideas? Thanks.

    1. Hi Jakub, I'm afraid, we can't commit to any time frame for this feature. However, rest assured we will be implementing it on a priority. Thanks for your patience.

  12. Can no longer access the calendar within Mac OX Calendar (v8.0 -- El Capitan). Getting the "The server specified an invalid calendar home."

  13. Hi, Is there any possibility to add/edit/delete other agenda's through caldav? We are trying to add different agenda's to thunderbird-lightning through caldav. Agenda's that are under section "Other agenda's". Thanks

    1. Hello Pascal, Did you mean 'Other Calendar's event'? I'm afraid we do not support other calendar events to sync via CalDAV.

  14. I'm new ZOHO user and I'm very happy with this solution. I have only question about CalDAV support for "Other Calendar" as well. I have few calendars of me colegues and I want to show them in my Apple Calendar too. Thanks!

    1. Hello Petr, Welcome to Zoho. Currently we do not support "Other Calendar" events to sync via CalDAV. However, we have plans to provide this option in the future.

    1. Hi Alex, Unfortunately, Android doesn't support CalDAV protocol officially. Once they do, we will definitely provide the support for it. However, we are working on Android Sync which will help you sync your events along with offline support.

    1. Hi Ralph, I'm afraid we can't commit to a time frame as we are working on other priority features at the moment. However, we will be taking this up and shall inform the users once the feature is updated.

  15. Hi, I am currently using the Zoho agenda, both from the website and from my calendar on Os X. In both case, when I try to invite someone (let's say myself on Gmail), it doesn't work - the recipient doesn't receive my calendar invitation. Do you know how to solve this ? Thanks, Fabrice.

  16. I am able to sync the calendar to Ical. But how can you sync an existing ICal calendar into Zoho Calendar instead of having to create a new calendar.

  17. Added to non-Apple device (Evolution on Linux), following Thunderbird instructions - calendars only show up as read only. How can I fix this? Calendar discovery doesn't work. The Calendar ID is very clumsy, surely there is a better way than this, like allowing the calendar name to be used?

    1. Officially we support CalDAV to work only on Apple and Thunderbird-Lightning. However, we are working on supporting other devices too. CalDAV configuration in Thunderbird-Lightning is used with Calendar-ID, thus it can't be made using Calendar name.

  18. Can App. Calendars sync with iCal? I want to create an event in CRM and have that show up in my iCal. Thanks.

    1. Hello Ryan, Currently, the sync is only for the 'My Calendar' section. We will be extending it to 'Apps Calendar' as well in future. However, Zoho CRM is likely to provide CalDAV sync for iCal, I’ve forwarded your request to the CRM support team, and they will get back to you soon. Hope this helps.

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