Olympic schedule right inside your Zoho Calendar!

If you are a sports enthusiast, it probably feels like New Year's Eve to you. The world's biggest sporting event, the Olympics, is underway in Tokyo. It didn't come easy though. We not only had to wait four years after the last summer Olympics in Rio, but as with everything else, the pandemic threw a wrench in the gears. But we're finally here!

We at Zoho Calendar can relate to this in a small way. We have been building the new Zoho Calendar for all of you and hoped to get it to you much sooner. With the pandemic and all the professional and personal challenges that came with it, this process took us longer than expected but ultimately, we got there.

With all of us having gone through so much in the past year, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics brings much-welcome relief. Which is why we wanted to do something special for all of you.

Since keeping track of your favorite sport or your country's events can be difficult with so much happening on a daily basis, we've added the Olympics calendar inside Zoho Calendar to make it easier. You can view the Olympics schedule by country or sport of your choice and subscribe to the calendar with related events. Once subscribed, you can view the Olympics calendar whenever you need, right there in your Zoho Calendar. Learn more

You can also download the full Olympic schedule as an ICS file: https://zoho.to/ICS-file

If you want more Olympics details or would simply like to view the schedule, you can visit our Tokyo Olympics 2020 webpage to see the participating countries, medal matches, interesting titbits, and more.

Follow us on Twitter for regular updates on Tokyo Olympics 2020 and Zoho Calendar. Keep cheering your favorite players on and have a happy Olympics!

If you haven't yet switched to the new Zoho Calendar, hurry up so you can make the most of the Olympic Calendar and our future enhancements. And if you're not already using Zoho Calendar, you can sign up for free here.

We'll be back soon with more updates. Until next time, stay safe and stay happy!


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