Win More Deals with Document Analytics In Zoho CRM

This is a guest blog post by Adam Metz, the author of Amazon #1 internet-marketing best-seller ‘The Social Customer’, and the VP of Business Development at PandaDoc.

Zoho CRM users have been able to send documents to their contacts for five years. The company even added a real-time editor into their Document Library 3 months ago.

But they’ve never had integrated Document Signature or Document Analytics. Until now.

PandaDoc and Zoho CRM IntegrationLet’s say you want to send Emily, one of your leads, a Google Slides presentation or a Microsoft OneDrive document to read or sign. PandaDoc and ZohoCRM IntegrationSure, you could share the document with Emily via email. But once the doc leaves Zoho, it’s tough to tell whether she read every page of it, signed it, or even looked at it.

Most sales professionals want deep visibility into what their customers are thinking. It’s difficult to sell in a competitive situation without this kind of “deal intelligence.”

“Deal Intelligence” on Documents to Leads

Currently, Zoho CRM customers can upload their documents from many different formats. Now you can also send those documents to your Zoho CRM contacts faster and find out:

  • When your contact opened the document
  • How many times they looked at it
  • How long they looked at it for
  • Which pages they viewed
  • Who looked at the document and who didn’t

When to Use Document Analytics

For a simple email to a customer, document analytics may be overkill. But you’ll want to use it for any of the following types of sales documents:

  1. Statement of work documents
  2. Pre-proposal vision statements to get consensus from qualified prospects
  3. Early sales stage presentations
  4. Proposals
  5. Anything confidential

Setting up document analytics for your Zoho CRM takes less than a minute. Just create a PandaDoc account. Then go to the PandaDoc Integrations page, and hit Connect Zoho CRM (you’ll need your Zoho CRM token, which you can get here)

PandaDocSeamless Sending, Signing, and Analytics Forever

Now every time you need to send something important to a prospect or client, simply go to the PandaDoc New Document page.

Your Zoho CRM contacts will regularly sync with PandaDoc, and you can send files from almost any file format you like.

If you’d like to see PandaDoc support any new file formats for Zoho CRM customers, please email us.


3 Replies to Win More Deals with Document Analytics In Zoho CRM

  1. Just signed up today to demo. Looking forward to using it with my team next week. I love the zCRM contact integration but wish it also had a zDocs integration as it does with Box and some of the other cloud based docs storage companies as that would truly make it awesome.

  2. Fantastic development thanks for posting Radhika, I can think of lots of applications for this ! (I also know a UK company that does something similar...)

  3. We've been using PandaDoc for 3 months and we LOVE it! There are many reasons why we switched but 2 of them are the most important: UX and Document Analytics. Great to know that it integrates with Zoho now!

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