Introducing the New Zoho CRM Plus : The world's most powerful customer engagement suite. 

The New Zoho CRM Plus is finally here. We love the cleaner, faster, better UI - and we think you will, too.

We received an overwhelming response for the original Zoho CRM Plus. And in many ways, this is our second chance to make that killer first impression. When we first introduced Zoho CRM Plus in 2014, it was a brand new innovation: an all-in-one customer engagement suite. From tracking website visitors and sending marketing campaigns, to providing support through a fully-equipped help desk and getting in-depth analytics, Zoho CRM Plus offered features which no other product suite offered in the market, hands down.

And with the New Zoho CRM Plus, we are upping the ante once again. Every idea, every concept and feature, we have designed to make the New Zoho CRM Plus better than the first. We've built upon the innovation of the original customer-engagement suite, to make it more powerful than before. Nailing the foundation first is what we consider vital, and that's what the New Zoho CRM Plus does best - it takes the innovation we introduced and makes it more powerful than ever before.

What's new?

1. A fresh, new design.

Log in to Zoho CRM Plus and you'll notice that we've refreshed the whole interface and cleared out the clutter. More than just a facelift, here are some of the features we've added to the new version:

Nav-bar: The app selector is now replaced with an all-new navigation bar to the left side instead of the top. This new navigation bar makes switching between apps painless. Need more room for your work? All it takes is a single click to expand and collapse the menus to broaden your workspace.

Quick Links: Let your applications work as fast as you do. When you know exactly which part of the product you want to access, use the new Quick Links feature to go straight there. Add your favorite CRM Plus features to the Quick Links bar, whether it's creating monthly sales reports, viewing milestones in a project or accessing website visitor history.

Recent Items: Zoho CRM Plus automatically adapts to your usage patterns by putting the records you last accessed to the front under 'Recent Items.'

2. Configure your apps in one place.

We've made it incredibly easy to configure the settings of all your Zoho CRM Plus apps in one place, without having to search though them individually. Just click the Settings icon on the top right corner.

3. Pick up where you left off.

Imagine that you are working on a monthly sales report, and you get a call from a high value customer that you cant miss. Now, you can just take the call, and switch back to working on your reports, right where you left off. All your apps are in the same state as you left them, allowing you to continue your work without any interruptions.

4. Global search across all apps. 

You tell us what you're looking for, and we'll surface the information you need from all your business data. Search with advanced filters to get relevant data from different teams in your organisation - look up invoices, leads, contacts, help desk tickets, tasks, projects, deals, companies and so on.

5. UI improvements to Admin Panel. 

The new Admin Panel is not just easy on the eyes, but also makes details of users and applications clear in one glance.

One more thing. 

No need to think twice about adding collaborators to different projects. With the latest update, every Zoho CRM Plus user license allows you to add unlimited Zoho Projects users.

Try the New Zoho CRM Plus now.

The New Zoho CRM Plus has been more than a year in the making. We've worked really hard for this and we're happy with the results. Thanks for using Zoho CRM Plus and being a part of our journey to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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