Play tag with your tickets

Remember the good old days when you used Post-it Bookmarks to mark your favourite pages of a book? Each color meant something different and there were different tags within each color. It was a really efficient way to organize the information you cared about in that book.

Play tag with your tickets

Now take that behavior and apply it to customer service tickets in your company. That's exactly what we've done with Ticket Tagging.

You can now tag tickets on-the-fly with appropriate keywords, be it while checking out a ticket or sending a response.

Ticket Tags Inside Zoho Support

Here's a look at some tags that'll help you organize your tickets.

The 'Pay up' tag

It's the holiday season and you're running a whole series of promotions. One of them happens to be an email rebate program. Now, your customer service team would deal with a whole flurry of tickets about the rebate, but that's not a regular thing. They need a straightforward way to separate these tickets from regular ones like onboarding. With ticket tagging, they can simply tag these tickets 'Pay up' and apply a macro on them.

The 'Fist bump' tag

Customer service gives plenty of scope to have meaningful conversations with customers. Some of these conversations genuinely stand out in a remarkable way, so much that you feel like giving a standing ovation to the agents involved. You'll want to mark these tickets and keep them for the future. We've all been through that moment. Just tag such tickets 'fist bump'. They truly deserve one!

The 'Whoops' tag

For every good conversation, there's the other side of the coin as well. The side where you say things you wish you hadn't, where you slipped and fell, where your customer had a negative experience. They're useful to keep for the future too, as an indicator of what you mustn't repeat. It's really apt to tag them 'whoops'.

The 'Ka ching' tag

Happy customers are far more likely to buy more from you again. The best post-sale touchpoint to understand customer happiness is customer service. But how do you know when's the right time for Sales or Marketing to step in and talk to a customer? When a ticket is tagged 'ka ching', that's how.

These are just some of the possibilities. There's so much more you can do with the flexibility and convenience of ticket tags. Give 'em a shot and let us know what you think!


8 Replies to Play tag with your tickets

  1. In zoho support, I can see how you can add a tag in the ticket view when you are in the ticket, but how do you see tags from the screen where you see all the tickets? I don't see a place there to see it.

  2. This is very nice, what would really make this better is the ability or only way to add Tags is through setup so that only an Admin can do it. This would allow for consistency and not tags running wild, we have that in Evernote like 100's of tags because one person said "owe" and the other said "owes". Just a thought. -g-

  3. Clicking on tag on bottom of the requests screen does nothing but inform you that you have no tags. How does one create such a wonderful thing?

  4. sure, they are turned on, but there are no tags Hi, where do we create the tags, it says NO TAGS when i click on it. Couldn't find where to set them up in SETUP. Thanks

  5. Shawn, it's available to you straightaway. There's no need to turn anything on at all. Just click on the 'Requests' tab and you'll see it on the bottom-left. Christian, ah... That's a tricky one! If you tell me what kind of tagging you'd like to see in CRM, I'll pass it on to them and maybe even weigh in a little! :)

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