Zoho Support: Monitor your helpdesk with Time based Actions

We at Zoho Support continue to concentrate on just one aspect. Helping your business to provide an awesome customer support. In this endeavor, we have come up with a slew of value adding features & enhancements to entice you as usual. Let’s start with the first big thing.

Do you want to be notified when a new ticket remains un-assigned for extended number of hours? Similar, when your agent hasn’t responded to a ticket since first assignment. The wait is over! With time based actions you can supervise your helpdesk every hour and trigger notifications for actions like mentioned above. Besides sending notifications, you can assign tasks and update fields as well.

Here is a demonstration of one of the most common uses of time based actions. Specify the following criteria under time based action:



This time based rule would automatically close tickets in 48 hours after they have been re-solved.

Do you have more automation in your mind? Explore time based actions today. Clickhere to get started with the setup.

Besides time based actions, we have released Macros. You got it! It’s not a brand new release though. Earlier you can configure a workflow for manual application under our regular workflow settings. However, we have now renamed the same as Macros and moved it alongside other automation options in Zoho Support. Ain’t it sound to be a good move!?!

Here is the last one. We hate spam as much as you do. So, we built spam filtering right into Zoho Support to keep spam away from genuine support tickets. Click on the check box next to a ticket and select Mark Spam. It’s that simple.

We hope these feature would take you a bit closer towards providing awesome customer support. There’s lots more cool features coming soon, so stay tuned.…


3 Replies to Zoho Support: Monitor your helpdesk with Time based Actions

  1. @Vinicius – Thanks for your feedback. We do not keep a public road-map since ours is quiet dynamic and the priority for features, changes with the requests raised by customers like you. However I would like you to be informed about the latest developments happening at Zoho Support. Here goes the list…
    I. Integration with Zoho BugTracker
    II. Automatic Request Assignment Rules
    III. Self sign-up in Customer Portal
    IV. iPhone App for Zoho Support
    V. Multi-brand support in Customer Portal
    VI. Webhook support to keep your Zoho CRM & Zoho Support data updated
    VII. Integration with Zoho Invoice
    VIII. Live Support feature and many other feature enhancements alongside
    Hope this helps you to know where we are heading to. And yes, voting for new features sounds exciting. Would really take this up!

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