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zoho support

Customer Spotlight: Discovering Zoho Makes Companies’ “Dream Come True”

Data Analytics reporting company TapClicks was looking for ways in which to automate processes, organize project management, and manage marketing campaigns. Their search led them...

General 1 min read

You’re Invited to Our Biggest Event of the Year: Zoholics Sales and Marketing

In a technology-​driven world, connecting face-to-face is something that rarely happens, but it’s still our favorite way to connect with our customers.  This is why...

Zoholics 1 min read

Hello Zoho Creator! Meet Zoho Support!

You can do so much more with Zoho Creator by connecting it to other apps or services you use and simplify the tedious tasks and workflow. Our...

Zoho Creator 2 min read

Join us for Zoho’s biggest event of the year, Zoholics: Sales & Marketing

Every day, we talk to thousands of customers by phone, email, chat, social media and in person. Of all these, our favorite way to connect...

Zoho CRM 1 min read

Customer Spotlight: Finding Unrivaled Support with Z-CRM

Two years ago, Rich Cornell decided it was time for him to venture into an independent business offering insurance and benefit solutions to employers.  Having...

Zoho CRM 3 min read

We’re flat-world-friendly! Are you?

In 2005, Thomas L Friedman proposed that the world was becoming flat. Today, we can be certain that it already has! What that has done is...

Zoho Support 1 min read

Is your response quick enough? Here’s how to find out!

Today, a colleague showed me results of a survey that almost threw me off my seat! It was from a study conducted by CMO Council on how end consumers...

Zoho Support 1 min read

Zoho Support: Monitor your helpdesk with Time based Actions

We at Zoho Support continue to concentrate on just one aspect. Helping your business to provide an awesome customer support. In this endeavor, we have...

General , Zoho Support 2 min read

The New Zoho Support: Close Tickets Even Faster

At Zoho Support, we strive to build and maintain quality helpdesk software. Our development team is relentlessly working on rolling out new features that help...

General , Zoho Support 2 min read