ProTips: 5 ways to supercharge customer service with integrations

This is a guest post by Natália Mrázová, Senior Copywriter, Marketing at CloudTalk.

CRM integration can drive your business towards a more customer-centric model by helping you become more efficient, understand your customers, and develop a personal approach. It's easier to accomplish these goals when you have all the necessary tools under one roof.

A simple yet powerful integration, such as CloudTalk calling software + Zoho CRM, offers advanced centralized features to simplify everyday tasks. That means you can focus on the most important aspect of your business—your customers.

Here are five tips to supercharge your customer service using integration tools:

ProTip #1: Automate customer communication

Automation is at the core of CRM integration. It makes your job easier and helps your business processes flow.

Smart dialing and click-to-call functionalities make calling more efficient and help you provide quality customer service, while simplifying the job for your reps.

ProTip #2: Support customer satisfaction

With telephony and CRM systems integration, you can eliminate repetitive tasks and focus on complex goals while supporting customer acquisition and boosting retention.

Make it easier than ever for customers to reach you. With automatic callback, missed calls won't lead to missed opportunities. This tool automatically calls customers back as soon as a sales or customer service representative becomes available.

For a more complex overview of your communication systems, synchronize SMS with Zoho CRM.

ProTip #3: Boost productivity

One of the greatest benefits of CRM software is the way it supports effective workflows. By integrating CRM with your calling solution, you eliminate the time your employees waste uploading the same data into separate software. Through integration, information is automatically stored in both systems, giving reps access to all the data they need in a centralized platform.

Increase productivity with two-way, real-time synchronization features. Use a call-recording tool to save calls automatically and replay them through your browser. You can even identify areas to improve efficiency by automatically compiling all your contacts and viewing their interaction history in one place.

To further boost efficiency, integrate CRM with a mobile app, like CloudTalk Go.

ProTip #4: Personalize your service

Efficiency isn't everything. You won't build brand loyalty unless you show your customers you care about each of them as individuals.

Customers get particularly frustrated when they have to repeat themselves, either to one agent who doesn't remember their previous interaction, or to employees from different departments.

Empower your team members to assign notes and custom tags to each interaction with a client. This way, representatives can capture important insights from the call to remember for next time. Your team will see these details even before picking up the call.

ProTip #5: Track performance through centralized data

How much do you really know about your clients? The Zoho CRM integration with CloudTalk creates a unified overview of your ideal customer and provides all the information you need to turn prospects into lifelong ambassadors. Identify customers who repeatedly use your services and prioritize your communication with them. It's more cost effective to work with existing clients than to acquire new ones.

Performance tracking can also focus on your sales and customer service team. By following their interactions with clients, you have a better overview of where they excel and where there is room for improvement.

Gather important statistics on your client interactions and use a real-time dashboard to monitor all calling activities.

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