Introducing the Zoho CRM App for iPhone and Mobile Web Access

We just released two exciting updates to our Zoho CRM product line: the Zoho CRM Mobile Edition and support for mobile web browsers in Zoho CRM. With these two new updates, we’re making it easier than ever to manage your deals and increase your sales while on the go – even if you’re in an airplane with no WiFi.

Zoho CRM Mobile Edition
 is an iPhone app that allows sales teams to get instant access to their Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Potentials and Activities information stored in Zoho CRM. Once installed on your phone, the app automatically downloads your CRM information so that it is available for you even when your device is offline. You can create, edit or delete records, and those changes will be reflected in your online Zoho CRM account for others to see as soon as you bring your device online. You can even search for records while you’re offline. The best part is, it all works on the background. We’ve made it very easy so salespeople can focus on selling.Of course, having your records available offline is not all. Through the integration with other apps in the iPhone you can also do other cool things. For example, you can locate directions to visit your customer using the ‘Show Map’ feature. You can send emails to customers and prospects and not only can you make calls – but you can also have those calls be automatically logged as an activity inside Zoho CRM.

In addition, if you are using the Zoho CRM Mail Add-on, you can also have the e-mails you send from your iPhone be automatically logged and reflected in your CRM account, even if you sent them from the iPhone mail app.
The Zoho CRM Mobile Edition App for iPhone is available starting today in the Apple App Store. The app itself is free to download, but you’ll need to subscribe to the Zoho CRM Mobile Edition (only $3 per user/month) to be able to use it. Zoho CRM Enterprise Edition customers get most of the functionality for free – so if you were waiting for another reason to upgrade to our Enterprise Edition, well, this is it! We also just released a similar app for BlackBerry phones.
In addition to the installable iPhone app, we also released the web app for mobile phones. I know this might confuse some people… but here’s the difference: the Zoho CRM Mobile Edition is something you install on your phone. The web app is something you access on your phone using your browser. There’s nothing to install – and there’s nothing to pay either! The web app is entirely free for all Zoho CRM customers. The main difference between the two is that with the web app – if you don’t have internet connectivity you’re out of luck – there’s no offline access.

You can access the web app right away by going to in your phone’s browser. We currently support the iPhone and Android mobile browsers and Opera Mini in BlackBerry. Although we haven’t tested them, any other phones with a decent mobile web browser will work as well.We have of course been using these apps internally at Zoho for some time now, and many customers have helped us by being beta users. So far it seems everyone is happy. We look forward to your feedback as well.




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  1. Paid for CRM Mobile and enter new PW which was accepted ...tried to enter iPhone says password and name don't match. At Apple store they tried but can't help....hoping you can quickly set me up

  2. Android Android Android Android Android Android Android Android Android Android Android Android Android Android Android Android Android Android Android Android Android Android Android Android Android Android Android Android Android Android Android Android

  3. Hi,Still nothing about the login with google apps account ? We subscribe for the mobile version and I just figured out login is not working with google apps account :(Thank you.Malik.

  4. I downloaded on my iphone but its not working. when i try to log in it gives me a massage " Zoho CRM mobile Add-on is disabled for your account, please contact your administrator". Dose anyone know what to do ? Thanks

  5. I just download iPhone app, but testing it, I saw "events" can't be recorded.
    I looks it is an app problem. Any solution to that?

  6. From the looks of this board I'm guessing that an Android app is pretty important. Seems to be more requests from android users then comments from Iphone users...why might that

  7. In the beginning you will have one thing that not solely solves your corporation problem, however can be robust and doesn't fall apart. A very good MS Access program will empower the user. By this I imply it will permit the person to create their own questions, in some other case often called queries, to interrogate the database.

  8. @Whasler
    Support for notes is on the works, it will be available in our next update(due soon).@rosalindcheong
    To enable the Mobile Edition access in your Online Zoho CRM account, kindly visit the URL below for more details." rel="nofollow">
    As we have indicated in our app (you may have seen this info/message during the initial download/sign in into the app), we DO NOT download all the records in a module. Initially, 200 records will be downloaded for each of the supported modules except the Contacts module for which the recent 1000 records will be downloaded. From then on, you may search for missing records in the server using the "Server search' feature to download relevant past records into the device (once downloaded through search, the records remain for offline access).We are considering providing an option to users to specify the number of records to be downloaded during the initial download process which might address your requirement. We'll look to implement this in one of our upcoming updates.@elong70
    Support for custom views is in our roadmap it will be implemented and rolled out in one of our upcoming updates.Vijay K A S
    Zoho Mobile

  9. As other people mentioned - HOW ABOUT AN APP FOR ANDROID- yeah they have 38% market share - most business people have Android or Blackberry - not iPhone to play cool games or so on....

  10. I am only getting 200 records on my accounts list on the mobile app - how do I get the remaining 50 or so to show???

  11. Why can't I see my views? The app is almost worthless to me without that, the web version has much more functionality, but the native version is faster/smoother please add funtionality

  12. Another Android user here!Android has a higher percentage of BUSINESS users than Apple and increasing more at a higher pace than Apple users.

  13. Any Idea when a Android App may be available -- Needed and Is a decision maker when it comes to staying/upgrading or leaving " rel="nofollow">
    All information help full.

  14. The app is a $3 a month add on? Nickel and dime. It doesn't support much needed data as is.You guys are arguing APP statistics when the question is about an App, not Apps."Make things simple, not simpler." Einstein

  15. Finally get the iPhone app released...happy....then gutted...Zoho already taking $12 per user per month off us for Professional Plan, and now want an extra $3 per user per month just to link in with the iphone app?!? Shocking!Will just stick to web browser version I think...

  16. The app supports 200 accounts and 1000 contacts. Not enough for me as sales manager with near 1000 accounts and 2000 contacts.Please increase the capacity.

  17. Michael, thanks for the note. It doesn't look like only 4.7% of the respondents here want an android app. More like the 38% claimed prior to your fact throw-down.I don't think that is is "hype" when piles of zoho customers want it....and commit it to print.

  18. I think that one should not pay for it if you are on Proffessional or Enterprise. Secondly, when is the Android app coming out.

  19. Great i-phone app for a first cut.
    As for all the hype on android here are the facts
    2010 Ranking - Source IHS Feb 2011
    1 - Apple Apps store 82.7% global market
    2 - Blackberry apps store 7.7%
    3 - Nokia OVI store 4.9%
    4 - Google Android 4.7%
    Nothing like cold hard facts!

  20. I use Zoho at the moment, not just because it is cheap, but also because I'm disappointed with other CRM softwares. As soon as I find a simple & efficient way to use/manage e-mails & contacts (ON/OFFLINE & MOBILE), I'll have to choose the better service.

  21. Would be great to extend the iPhone app to an iPad app as well. Especially when traveling, this is really what I work with on the road!Good job though, thanks!

  22. pay for and app that it's almost the same as the mobile web version?
    There isn't any trial version?this is not the right way.

  23. Zoho CRM was supposed to be a cost saving solution. I feel that your email implementation is abhorrent. And the extra fees for mobile was really disappointing. "Zoho CRM, it's cheap, unless you actually want to use it."

  24. Great, however when is ZOHO going to integrate with Quickbooks Online? I am considering switching to Soffront. They have just announced the integration. ZOHO is meaningless without Quickbooks Online integration to us at this point.

  25. Thanks everyone for your support and comments.We hear you loud and clear with regards to your desire for Android.Stay tuned, we'll have more for you. We'll be launching our first Android App in the coming days. As to what service will be the lucky one to get it, well... you'll have to sit and wait.

  26. Thanks for the APP! Please add possibility to access emails from this APP or post more information how to use emails to be logged in ZOHO CRM

  27. @buildingindustryonlineThank you for sharing real-time scenario. We will provide Notes in iPhone App as soon as possible. In the meantime, please keep posting your suggestions and comments.Gopal

  28. Android please!!!Please indicate you have read all the requests above for Android, and at least let us know when we could expect it!Thanks.

  29. The iphone app works great even with my ipad. Another great reason to throw my Droid in the trash. Keep up the good work!

  30. I have downloaded iphone app and activated users. For some reason I cannot login with my own credentials. I can however login with a newer user on our account. We use Google Apps sign in. Very frustrating as I can't test to advise co-worker about it.

  31. Please take care of the bug: If you click on the "+" sign behind the main menu items you are thrown out of the mobile Zoho CRM, (Iphone 3GS)

  32. I have the trial version of the iphone app and when I try to use the call feature it does not activate the telephone on the iphone. All I get is "would you like to log this call", but the calls never connect. Is this because it is a trial app and the phone part only works on the full app?

  33. And for the Ipad, is there is a project of adaptation for more comfort with access to graphics and so one ? LC

  34. Good work.The mobile web version will come in handy when we're out of the office. Like the maps integration.

  35. Guys,
    you have missed a major need in leaving out the ability to create a note in the iphone app.(but you can in the web version!?)when I am on the road I want to not only be able to find details about someone but also write a note about what happened.... please consider adding this ASAP or tell me how to create a note - iphone version if I have missed the feature?

  36. I was looking everywhere for the android app, and now I know that there isn't one. What a shame because their crm is pretty good. I can make calls from inside the crm module using skype from my computer which really saves me time

  37. This is great for those people who are always on the go.We also have a mobile edition to our website. Visit us today!#...

  38. Gartner is predicting that by 2015 (less than 4 years), Android will be Number 1 in the Smartphone Market, Windows Phone will be Number 2 and iOS will be Number 3...I would sure love a Windows Phone App!!!

  39. On iphone app:Log calls is not working: cannot modify fields...
    Would be nice to be able to send email from the app as business email is pop3/smtp, it only is recorded in Zoho... So I cannot see my emails in the app.........

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