7 Types of Content That Will Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website

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Do you have a website that’s just not generating enough traffic or maybe you’re getting traffic but your conversions are lacking? Don’t worry, these are common problems and there are certain types of content you can create that can help you get more traffic, leads, and sales.

In this article, we will explore 7 different types of content that might be a great fit for your blog. Let’s get to the list!

#1 eBooks


Offering free eBooks is a great way to drive the correct target audience to your website while also building awareness about your organization and establishing it as a leader in your particular field. These eBooksusually offered in PDF format–not only draw in the right audience but allow you to keep in contact with them.

Typically, brands will require the audience to give their email address in exchange for the eBook and then they can send the recipients a series of emails in order to move them through the sales funnel.

As for the eBook itself, while the word count is subjective, you want to deliver a tremendous amount of value. The format should be laid out as a normal book, with relevant chapters matched to each topic covered. Aim for a catchy title to engage your audience and ensure it is not just pages and pages of text. Graphics, colors, and proper formatting are essential.

#2 How-to Posts

how to post

How-to posts are extremely popular. People are always searching for the most efficient way to do things, and the internet is often the first place they look. Not only that, but a how-to post has excellent longevity.

But how exactly do you write a how-to post for your organization and the business you operate in? Well, you need to identify a problem that is fairly common in your particular field and then find a solution to it.

The how-to post is then written up around the solution using the following template: the introduction of the problem, the introduction of the solution, steps needed to implement the solution, a summary of everything described, and finally, a conclusion. Remember to use videos, pictures, text blocks, and diagrams to explain the solution in a clear, concise manner. For something more visual, consider infographics.

#3 Infographics


Simply put, an infographic is when data is presented in a visual way and people love them! Infographics are often the most shared type of content, because of their ability to capture an idea in a compact visual format. In fact, one report shows that infographics are liked shared 3x more frequently than any other visual type of content.

They are the perfect way to share research, data, and statistics. However, while infographics were a surefire way to get something to go viral a couple of years ago, this is becoming less of a phenomenon due to the fact that more and more organizations are making use of them.  Therefore, if you choose this method, make sure it stands out and truly provides value to your industry.

#4 White papers


White papers are another excellent way to give your target audience free information about your product/service and the field you operate in that specifically is of interest to them. This not only draws them in but helps to educate your readers. In a way, a white paper is very similar to an eBook in terms of the information provided.

White papers can be promoted through the use of landing pages targeted at a specific audience. Note: the information in a detailed and well-produced white paper can be repurposed in many blog posts in the future.

#5 Podcasting


When you think of podcasting, iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play probably comes to mind. While that’s where most people consume podcasts, there’s actually another hidden opportunity to drive traffic back to your website from your podcast content.

How so? Show notes! You see, most great podcasts in a professional or business niche will want to have show notes that listeners can refer to, with links to anything mentioned on the episode. And the best place to host these show notes is on your blog.

By mentioning on your podcast that the show notes are available on your blog, you’ll generate targeted, engaged traffic to your site as people check out the show notes. It’s a nifty little tactic to engage across multiple platforms and it’s great for SEO as well! Just be sure to create a short, memorable link that people can easily recall when they’re ready to view the notes.

#6 Webinars


What is a webinar? Well simply put, it is a seminar conducted over the internet connecting interested parties from all over the world. Why should you use them? Well, it is a great way to build a loyal audience. It gives you the opportunity to provide instruction in your area of expertise which helps people know who you are what you do. Then, when they are ready to purchase a related product or service, they will turn to you.

Often, companies partner together to set up webinars. If this is the case–or even if you organize the webinar alone–make sure it is a trending topic within your industry. And always ask the participants for feedback as this could lead to the subject for your next webinar.

#7 Interview influencers

influencer marketing

Although interacting with industry influencers might seem like a tall order, especially if you are a small company, there is no harm in trying. Often you will find that these influencers are willing to share ideas, experiences and the like in an interview that is mutually beneficial to both parties. But how does interviewing an industry influencer help? Well, it is a two-way street. Your company is pushing the ideas of the influencer and because of his or her expertise, your credibility receives a massive boost! But where do you use such an interview? There are numerous ways to use it – produce a white paper, post it on your website for download, turn it into a blog… the possibilities are endless!

Test, test, test!

testing different marketing strategies

These 7 methods are helpful for engaging an audience who will be interested in your business. But finding the perfect format for your particular needs will ultimately come down to trial and error.

So test and experiment with different content types to gauge how your audience responds. If you use a combination of these formats as part of your online marketing strategy, chances are good that your results will improve.


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