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Activities Analytics for Zoho CRM using Zoho Reports

Keeping track of activities handled by sales reps—the tasks, events, and calls made to prospects—is a crucial aspect of CRM. Every phone conversation, email, and...

Zoho Analytics 2 min read

Why your sales team needs finance reports

You might have your sales data in Zoho CRM and finance data in Zoho Books. The question is how to combine and analyze both data...

Zoho Analytics 3 min read

Power up your Sales Analytics using Cohort Analysis

A cohort is a group of subjects who share common characteristics in a given time span. Cohort analysis breaks down the data from a given...

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Essential funnels to analyze your sales and marketing data

In our previous posts on sales analytics (Sales Pipeline Optimization through Stage History Analysis & The Essential Sales Analytics Reports – Sales Team Analytics), we...

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Just In: Advanced Analytics for your Zoho CRM Data​ – Powered by Zoho Reports

We’re thrilled to announce the Zoho CRM – Reports integration, an important new update that gives access to a host of advanced analytics features to Zoho...

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Analyze Data Using The New Quarterly & Weekly Options In Zoho Reports

We posted about enhancements done to the pivot table recently in Zoho Reports. Here’s more. Pivot tables (and charts, filters) now support quarterly and weekly...

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