Configure business hours for your phone numbers and route calls accordingly

Let's say you have a customer calling you outside your business hours. It's disappointing for them if no one picks up, or if they don't have an idea when you'll be available again. With Zoho Voice, now you can set the actual hours of operation for a phone number and route calls to your agents only during their working hours.

When there's a call outside business hours, you can choose to play an off-duty message that contains any business information and details about your availability. You can also ask the caller to leave a voicemail so you can get back to them when you're available.

By default, the business hours for a number are 24x7. To define your own custom business hours, go to the Call Config page and click Edit. In the Incoming tab, click Add Business Hours. Enter a name for the configuration and then select the time zone. Now, define the business hours for each day of the week by selecting the time from the drop-down box. If you want to add a short break in between business hours, click Add Hours and set the time according to your needs.

To set an off-duty message, you can add a text message or upload a prerecorded audio file. You can also enable the voicemail option if you want. The custom business hours configured here will be available under Settings > Business Hours, in case you want to use the same configuration for a different number.

How do I block a spam number?

Zoho Voice allows you to block any phone number. Just go to Settings > Blocked Numbers and click Add Number. Then, enter the number and the reason why you want to block the number and click Save.

You can also block a number from the Logs page by hovering over the number and clicking the Block button.

The spam number will be blocked for good, and you won't receive any calls from that number again. However, you can still make outbound calls to that number, if you want.

The business hours and number blocking features are available only in our Enterprise Telephony edition. Try configuring business hours and enhance the calling experience for your customers by signing up for Zoho Voice now.


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