Zoho Contact Center is here: Pave the way for more customers with Zoho's own Contact Center

Today's consumers expect prompt service whenever they need, wherever they are, and through whichever channel they prefer. This often means that your business has to be equipped to keep up with customers and their preferences. To achieve this, it is effective to have your customer-facing teams operate in a physically-dispersed yet logically consolidated hub. This hub is called a contact center. A lot can be accomplished through a sophisticated, cloud-based contact center like Zoho Voice.

What is a cloud-based contact center?

A contact center acts as a primary contact point for businesses, and it provides customers and prospects with access to information, expertise, and resources in real time through multiple communication channels. Cloud-based contact center software like Zoho Voice allows you to streamline and manage customer interactions from anywhere, at any time, and through any channel or device over the internet. It can help you expand your business hours and function across multiple time zones.

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Our contact center bundle offers the following key features:    

1. Call monitoring

The remote and hybrid work models have led many companies to seek out better ways to oversee remote work activity and boost the quality of agent-to-customer interactions.

Remote monitoring live calls with call barging in Zoho Voice

Cal Barging, call whispering, call takeover, 3 way audio conferencing

Zoho Voice's contact center offers intuitive call monitoring features with three modes that allow you to directly supervise remote agents: Call Barging (listen only), Call Whispering, and Call Takeover (three-way conferencing). With these features, supervisors can intervene in real time and silently monitor conversations, coach and guide agents behind the scenes, and participate in the conversation with both the agent and the customer.

2. Power dialer

It can be time consuming for agents to switch between apps to find contact information and dial-in each lead's phone numbers one after the other. The power dialer is a special feature engineered to automate outbound calls and help your agents efficiently reach more customers. It streamlines outbound call campaigns, increases outbound calls, and boosts agent productivity by removing the wait time between calls to prospects.

Power dialer feature in Zoho Voice Contact Center

Creating a campaign is as easy as it gets. Simply select contacts directly from Zoho Voice or via a CSV file to build a new Dial Group. Then, set a suitable, short interval between the calls that agents can use to finish up activities related to the previous call and get refreshed for the next one. Once started, a campaign can only be paused or stopped by the super admin, admins, or the agent who created it.

 With the power dialer feature, your business can launch multinational call campaigns and leverage Zoho Voice's carrier-grade global voice network, all while engaging your agents in a smooth and hands-free campaign experience.

3. Two-way SMS

Businesses are often required to deliver personalized, time-bound, and confidential messages. SMS messages tend to be quick and effective customer service tools with higher open rates, click through rates, response rates, and conversion rates compared to phone calls and emails. The main advantage of using SMS messaging for business is that it can lead to valuable customer interactions even when your customers are not connected to the internet.

 To help your business thrive through these simple interactions, Zoho Voice offers two-way SMS services using voice and SMS-enabled local numbers. While this feature is available only for local usage within the USA and Canada at this time, we plan to extend our two-way SMS services worldwide for all the countries. However, you can send one-way SMS messages using these local numbers to over 100 countries. The recipients receive the SMS from a random short code or long code number, and it is automatically chosen based on the destination country.

4. Queue performance metrics

Businesses of all sizes look for effective ways to monitor and manage their remote customer-facing teams. Even a small issue can exacerbate customer dissatisfaction and result in loss of revenue. Queue performance metrics provide effective oversight of the live queue calls and agent activity in the queue. This special analytics feature presents data in a consolidated list view and provides supervisors with actionable insights.

The following KPIs are measured and analyzed for each queue:

  • Agent with most number of missed calls
  • Agent with most number of answered calls
  • Total number of calls answered by a queue
  • Total number of calls timed out
  • Total number of calls abandoned by a queue
  • Number of active agents in the queue
  • Number of active calls in the queue
  • Average response time for a queue
  • Maximum response time for a queue
  • Average call duration of a queue
  • Total call duration of a queue

Generally, the super admin and admins are free to monitor and review analytics for all the queues in the organization. Supervisor Plus users can only review analytics for the queues and agents associated with them. The rest of the roles can only view a queue but cannot monitor any aspect of the queue.

Reviewers can see grouped analytics for all accessible queues with metrics like:

  • Queue with most number of missed calls
  • Queue with most number of answered calls
  • Average response time across queues
  • Maximum response time across queues
  • Average call duration across queues
  • Total call duration of all queues

Zoho Voice also presents segmented analytics across a time slice for each agent's performance in a specific queue, including:

  • Number of answered calls by an agent
  • Number of missed calls by an agent
  • Average response time for each agent
  • Time per call for each agent

With such transparency and granular analytics, our contact center helps companies improve their remote management strategies.

Our popular features

Contact Center includes all the existing premium telephony features such as call transfer, call forwarding, extension dialing, call recording, voicemails and voicemail transcription, business hours and holidays, agent status customization, call disposition, and call notes.

Contact Center pricing

Each licensed user under the Contact Center plan costs $74 per user each month when billed annually or $79 per user each month when billed monthly. The plan offers a free US, UK, or Australian virtual phone number and 3,000 free minutes: 2500 for incoming calls and 500 for outgoing calls. Take a look at our pricing page for more details about the plan, our call rates, and SMS rates.

Why try Contact Center?

Our contact center's sophisticated features help your business boost agent productivity and service quality while improving overall customer experience, retention, and satisfaction. No matter the team size or call volume, Zoho Voice's contact center streamlines and consolidates customer interactions without increasing overhead costs, making it an excellent communication tool for businesses of all sizes.

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