Here are 5 must-try features in Zoho Workerly for remote staffing

It’s a time to come together as everyone around the world fights this COVID-19 pandemic. During these uncertain times, people are working from home and on-site to support each other, but the need for temp workers is soaring. The Illinois government received more than 1100 applications for temporary medical practice permits. Additionally, online super markets don't have sufficient workers to keep up with demand. Temp staffing agencies need to be able to assign workers to roles quickly, all from their remote work environment.

At Zoho Workerly, we've embraced remote working. Today, we would like to take a moment to highlight ways in which you can facilitate better communication with your remote workforce and clients, offering increased flexibility and better results during this time of constant change.

Check out these 5 must-try features of Zoho Workerly

 1---> Be in the know- Communication channels 
Keeping everyone informed is always a top priority, but it's especially crucial in the current work environment. Using Zoho Workerly's integration with several third-party vendors, you can easily get in touch with temps and clients. You can also send bulk messages and emails to temps and clients, informing them about updates to their scheduled shifts. Learn moreBy default, Zoho Mail comes with the package of Zoho Workerly.

2--->Flexible schedules

Shift scheduling with the Roster View has made your jobs easier. Having all necessary temp details available in one place helps you make decisions faster and more efficiently, be it for scheduling or re-scheduling. Learn more

3--->Accurate time tracking and timesheets

Zoho Workerly's time tracking system has three access points:

Temps can use Zoho Workerly's mobile app from their Android or iOS devices to clock their work hours.

Temps can also log in to their Temp Portal, navigate to Timesheets, and manually add their work hours. This will then reflect in your Zoho Workerly account.

Lastly, you can log a temp's working hours yourself and generate e-timesheets from the Timesheets module in your Zoho Workerly account. 

4--->Digital approvals

As you consider switching to digital remote staffing, you will want to choose an e-signature solution that works seamlessly with Zoho Workerly. Workerly offers a faster and more effective way of getting documents sent and approved, all from a single platform and without the chaos of managing paper documents. Explore our e-sign integrations with Zoho SignDocuSign, and Adobe Sign 

5---> Export to Payroll

When a job is completed, the payments must be delivered on time. Amidst today's tense economic environment, paying temps on time will help foster a long-term relationship. Our 'Export to Payroll' option and built-in Zoho Books integration exist to make this a breeze.

We're hoping that these features enable you to maintain the continuity of your business. Please check them out while exploring Zoho Workerly.

Having trouble? Feel free to reach out to us at for any assistance. Zoho Workerly is dedicated to ensuring that you and your team feel supported and are equipped to adapt to the rapid changes you may be experiencing. We're in this together.


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