5 New Year's Resolutions for Your Business

In early 2014, Forrester Research predicted that there would be an increased number of organizations who would adopt a more disciplined approach to customer experience transformation.

In December, Gartner released its 2015 predictions in CRM.  One of the key findings is that the number of organizations that receive 100% CRM functionality from the cloud will increase and that the digital disruption will cause you to win or lose customers. Zoho CRM

Don’t let your CRM initiatives become stagnant. Use it to bring life to your business. Help your sales and marketing teams be successful in 2015 with these New Year’s resolutions:

1. Collect Data and turn it into valuable insights for your customer facing reps.
Use Zoho SalesIQ, Zoho Analytics and Google AdWord integration with Zoho CRM to bring your data to life for your employees. Make it useful and use it to gain insights about your customers. Use this data in the content you create and in the conversations your sales teams have with prospective buyers.

2. Go mobile and encourage your sales team to use their smartphones in the field.
By helping your sales team become more mobile, you’ll be helping them adopt the usage of a CRM for sales force automation. It will save them time and keep their data current.  Zoho offers Free smartphone apps for Android and Apple devices.

3. Focus on building a customer-centric organization.
Using a complete set of sales and marketing software tools, like the ones offered in CRM Plus, will help you stay in touch with your customer. You’ll be able to listen, engage and sell smarter. Your customers won’t settle for less.

4. Make customer service a priority.
Don’t make your customer repeat themselves every time they contact someone in your company. Using products like Zoho Support with Zoho CRM will help link your customer support team to the rest of your organization. Anyone who has access to your CRM system will  be able to see the customer’s history with your company and won’t have to ask the customer to repeat themselves.

5. Give your customers what they ask for and don’t just tell them what they need.
Your customers bring revenue to your business. Why not listen to them and adjust your product or service to give them what they want? Of course, within reason. They are the people using your products or services and can provide you valuable feedback from a user perspective. Try using Zoho Survey with your CRM to gather feedback from your customers. 

What are your New Year’s resolutions going to be this year?

Wishing you a profitable and successful year in business!


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  1. Great post Laura- You mention going mobile, I've read everywhere that going mobile is of unprecedented importance but does this mean that mobile strategy should now always come first? I understand the importance of having a mobile ready site and implementing mobile SEO but for particularly the small businesses with limited time and resources do we focus on mobile and mobile alone or simply focus on mobile a little so not to completely be ignorant to the newest trend?

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