Catapult your customer support interactions to new heights with Zoho Voice

We know that productivity and customer satisfaction are the heart and soul of any business, but did you know that your support agents' help desk workspace breeds the top hurdles to achieving both? Equipping your help desk with smart tools could not only help them resolve your customers' problems faster, but it could also eliminate the need for them to jump through multiple apps.

If you find your support agents juggling a variety of applications to cater to your customers, it's high time you help them become more efficient by reducing the apps they use every day by one.

Zoho Voice now places a phone booth inside Zoho Desk that sticks to your agents like their shadow as they switch through tabs. Zoho Voice's native integration with Zoho Desk goes into full effect with ZDialer, which enables you to handle both incoming and outgoing calls in the Desk web app the smart way.

Provide quality support over the phone. Every time!

Get access to all the important cloud telephony features offered by Zoho Voice, such as call routing using IVRs, incoming call queues, live call monitoring, call transfer, call recording, call logs and reports, and so on.

Personalize your customer interactions with intuitive contact look-ups

Promote one-to-one, personalized interaction and information delivery by presenting caller details from Desk in screen pop-ups for all your incoming calls by linking the phone numbers you use with Desk.

Establish just-in-time, context-aware transitions

Enable viable context sharing between your agents by merging or warm transferring calls so they relay critical information to one another, resolving your customers' questions more precisely and opportunely.

Double your call volume without leaving Desk or any web page

ZDialer helps you auto-detect any telephone number in Desk or any web page so you can instantly place calls using a click-to-call icon next to them. Reach more customers with less effort while staying engaged with your customers in Desk.

Track call records in a single place

Track your prospects and customers, find trends, and take necessary actions faster by letting your agents access call detail records for respective customer entries directly from Desk. Even if your agent misses calls, the call logs present in the Logs tab in ZDialer enables them to take appropriate action later.

Handle large teams with ease using bulk imports

Import your agents in bulk from Desk so they can be seamlessly created as Voice users. Enhance productivity when dealing with large teams.

Get easy access to call recordings

You can instantly download and play call recordings inside Desk because Zoho Voice captures call interactions with customers as activities. Identify problem areas and see how your customer interactions are impacting your business.

Call your contacts directly

Make fast and easy calls to unsaved numbers directly from Desk using ZDialer's dial pad widget without opening the Voice app.

Customize your call settings

Choose if you want to receive calls in all active tabs or just in Zoho tabs. Mute call notifications using silent mode and disable incoming calls using Do-Not-Disturb. You can also specify all your holidays and direct callers to your voicemail when they call you on these dates. Configure business hours for your phone numbers and route calls accordingly. Zoho Voice also allows you to block any phone number.

Without installing ZDialer, call handling can be done only from the Zoho Voice interface and not in Desk or any web page. ZDialer is currently available only for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

 Zoho Voice integration with Desk is available under all the plans in Voice's Business Phone and Enterprise Telephony editions. See the full instructions for setting up the integration in this guide.

The ZDialer Mobile App

Having ZDialer inhabit a device that never leaves your agent's side makes it easy for them to stay in constant communication with your customers in almost any scenario. You can find the ZDialer app for the platform of your choice—Android or iOS.

 All Zoho Voice users have access to the ZDialer mobile app. All call-related configurations, like number purchase, credit purchase, and IVR settings, must be managed from Voice's web version, however.

 By enabling this native integration, Zoho Voice keeps your agents ever-ready to handle your customers' calls. Reconfigure your customer service with Zoho Voice, conquering geographies with just a simple click. Sign up now and let us help you enchant your prospects and customers with knockout customer experiences.


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