Most popular integrations for Zoho CRM in 2019

Businesses around the globe used multiple integrations to simplify work and increase productivity in 2019. Check out these popular integrations of 2019 to have a more productive, goal-crushing 2020.

WebMerge for Zoho CRM 

Close deals faster by automating contracts, simplifying quotes, and streamlining proposals.

Sales Script Prompter for Zoho CRM

Write and use a phone call script to create a uniform, consistent approach to how your sales agents engage with prospects. 

Customer Service
TeamViewer for Zoho CRM

Quickly set up remote sessions to engage with prospects over demos or help customers resolve issues.

Aircall for Zoho CRM 

Make sales and support calls hassle-free with call routing, call queuing, call recording, warm transfer, and more.

Mailchimp for Zoho CRM

Empower your sales team to make informed decisions and prioritize leads with insights from email marketing.

SurveyMonkey for Zoho CRM

Build better customer relationships and sales pitches by analyzing survey responses piped straight into Zoho CRM. 

Slack for Zoho CRM

Help your team collaborate better and stay on top of sales activities with automated Zoho CRM updates on your Slack channel.

Dropbox for Zoho CRM

Eliminate email attachments by creating folders for content related to Zoho CRM records, and editing them on the cloud.

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