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Playing the Writing Game: 4 Challenges Writers Faced at the 2016 Rio Olympics

Over the past two weeks, thousands of top athletes across the globe were pitted against each other at the Olympics to find the best of...

Zoho Writer 3 min read

Four lessons recruiters can learn from Olympians

If you’re anything like me, you can’t get enough of the Olympics. Apart from being the most prestigious and revered sporting event across the globe,...

Zoho Recruit 3 min read

Gunning for Gold: Why Owning a Business is Like Training for the Olympics

As a small business owner, one needs to stay inspired at all times. Everything around you motivates you to follow your dream and do anything...

General 1 min read

London 2012 Olympics: Stats & Dashboards

Plotting and visualizing data can be fun. And if the data involves the ongoing Olympics, it can be doubly so! As with previous Olympics (Vancouver...

Zoho Reports 1 min read

Zoho Reports: Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Dashboard

We had earlier made a live dashboard for the Beijing Summer Olympics 2008. A good many sports enthusiasts visited it and many of you had...

Zoho Reports 1 min read