Sync App for Zoho CRM and ExactTarget

This is a guest post by
Clint Wilson, founder of Cazoomi.

ExactTarget is a global Software as a Service (SaaS) leader that powers all types of interactive marketing messages through a single, integrated platform.

Zoho CRM is used by many of our Cazoomi members to grow their
business and email marketing is a key initiative for the majority of
them to keep their customers up-to-date with what is happening in their

At Cazoomi, we have created an integration service for those businesses which are using
ExactTarget & Zoho CRM. We partnered with a key ExactTarget powerhouse in the Bay Area, Pierry Interactive, to enable some of our largest Zoho CRM & ExactTarget subscribers to easily get these systems to talk to one another.

This integration between Zoho CRM & ExactTarget allows our members to keep prospects from slipping through the cracks, resulting in faster customer acquisition and keeping our happy customers’ email marketing efforts in sync.

Zoho CRM to ExactTarget Sync gives executives, salespeople, customer service reps and marketing folks the edge they always wanted – the ability to always be in sync with the prospects they are calling upon, customers’ case contact information and the email
marketing lists they are interacting with on a daily basis.

Zoho CRM to ExactTarget Sync enables our key Zoho CRM clients like, MergerTech, to manage their key accounts, prospects and contacts while their email marketing campaigns managed in ExactTarget always have the right account, prospect and customer information in sync.

What does this mean for the users of both applications?  Simply the ability to seamlessly sync accounts, contacts, leads and prospects as well as see all your marketing metrics for these key growth drivers of your business in both SaaS applications.

Zoho CRM to ExactTarget Sync key features:

  • Sync contacts and leads
  • Sync marketing lists
  • Field Mapping to ExactTarget


Users can also expand their reach with Social Media marketing with:

– Automation | Email, Facebook, and Twitter lists synced
– Segmentation | SUBSCRIBER from FAN from FOLLOWER
– Synchronization | See how easy keeping ALL your marketing channels in sync can be!

Overall Benefits:

Access accurate, mission critical ExactTarget marketing information inside of Zoho CRM
Keep tabs on unlimited customer relationships with up-to-date & correct data in both systems Eliminate redundant manual data entry between Sales and Marketing teams
Manage email campaigns to your customers with correct Marketing information


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  1. Zoho CRM subscribers now have a Sync App for email marketing apps and the amazing Data as well. Check it out for your Sales and Marketing folks today @cazoomi

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