Announcing the new 'eWidget' in Zoho Mail

Multitasking is an unavoidable part of the modern workplace. Juggling different apps, switching between dozens of browser tabs, and managing cobbled-together workflows is just the price of doing business—but it doesn't have to be. Integrations and app extensions have revolutionized the way we work with multiple apps, and now we've taken the quest for a seamless user experience one step further.

Presenting eWidget in Zoho Mail—the extensions widget that integrates with many Zoho and third-party applications.


eWidget provides you with options to view and access information and perform actions in various apps, right from your inbox, through app extensions and integrations configured with Zoho Mail. You can mark your most used apps as favorites to list them on top.

In addition to providing quick access to these apps, eWidget is also contextually integrated with your emails to display the information in the appropriate fields. Any updates made through eWidget will directly reflect in the apps, ensuring optimal productivity for you.

Smoother customer relationships

Maintaining good relationships with your customers is important, and now Zoho Mail can help you do just that.

Use the Zoho CRM integration in eWidget to view and access the CRM info of contacts and leads as you read emails from them, and associate tasks, notes, events, and callbacks with them through eWidget in Zoho Mail.


You can also search for CRM contacts or leads from eWidget. If they're not in your database already, you also have the option to add them as a contact or lead, either manually or while you're reading their email. 

No question unanswered

For all the people handling, assigning, and managing support tickets, we give you Zoho Desk and Zendesk extensions in eWidget!

Create, search, edit, view, access, assign, and comment on support tickets right from eWidget—and use custom filters when you need to narrow down your targets.


The contextual integration in eWidget comes in handy when you get an email that requires a ticket. When you select Create a ticket, eWidget populates the information from the email into the appropriate fields for you.

One task at a time

Answer emails? Check. Put together the presentation? Check. Invite clients to a demo? Check. Set up the venue? Check, check, check!

Work is so much easier when split into projects and then into tasks, but keeping track of and managing said tasks is a different story. That’s where a project management tool comes into the picture. Open another tab? Nope! If you're a Zoho Mail user who uses Zoho Projects or Asana, you can do it from eWidget.

View different projects and the tasks associated with them, use the search bar to quickly locate tasks, and mark them complete when you're done. eWidget makes it all easier.


Here’s to new connections!

Networking is crucial to any business, and knowing more than just an email address will go a long way in making reliable connections with new acquaintances. When you use contact management software like Clearbit or FullContact to get this information, eWidget will automatically display it for you in your mailbox. 

These two platforms are available as extensions in eWidget to display contact and company information from their databases. You can manually search email addresses through eWidget to gather info or view it while reading the emails from the contact. 

Finance management simplified

It's easy to get buried in financial transactions, but if you use Zoho’s end-to-end Finance Suite, then this integration is just for you.

When you receive an email from one of your customers, you might need to see their relevant details immediately. eWidget lets you view your customer’s contact information, invoices, estimates, sales orders, and subscriptions contextually, as you read the email.


Your secrets are safe with Vault

Share your credentials securely with Zoho Vault. You can access your credentials in Zoho Vault right from eWidget in Zoho Mail.

Create, edit, and manage your passwords through eWidget, and use the search bar and filter options to get your credentials faster, and then mark them as favorites.


Psst... if you don't see eWidget in your mailbox yet, please refresh your browser.

Keep watching this space for new additions to eWidget.

We’d love to hear what you guys think of this update, so give it a try, and as always, your feedback is highly appreciated! :)

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16 Replies to Announcing the new 'eWidget' in Zoho Mail

  1. I've just tried the CRM eWidget. When I go to edit a "Deal".. my custom fields in the deal module layout are not showing up in the list.... how do we get to edit our custom fields?. It SHOWS me the custom field info OK though.

    1. Hi Ethan, We don't have the option to edit a custom field in Zoho CRM inside eWidget. However, we'll definitely pass this on to our development team and try to provide the same based on feasibility.

  2. by such integrations and other customer-centric developments taking place at Zoho, It seems Zoho will over take major internet companies going forward

  3. How do you get it to show up in the email tab INSIDE CRM, it showed up once, now it is gone and the menu selections inside CRM's tab for email does not have the same options to view as the email does when it is launched stand alone.

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